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Проблемы территориального планирования городских агломераций (на примере Республики Башкортостан)

Целью исследования является изучение современного состояния территориального планирования городских агломераций в России. Авторы рассмотрели особенности выделения агломераций в России, их границ и составных элементов. На примере Республики Башкортостан показаны различия в выделении городских агломераций при применении современных научных методов выделения городских агломераций. Выделены особенности Уфимской и Южно-Башкортостанской агломераций с позиций территориального планирования.

Трансформация систем использования земель в регионах России

Статья посвящена исследованию изменения систем использования земель в различных регионах и природных зонах России за период с 2000 по 2022 гг. Были выявлены и проанализированы пространственно-временные закономерности трансформации систем использования земель в пределах основной сельскохозяйственной территории России. Рассмотрены главные направления и тенденции изменения площадей основных земельных угодий и пропорции посевных площадей главных сельскохозяйственных культур.

Investigating water chemical composition of an underground source located in the floodplain of the Malka river in the lower reaches

The analysis of an underground source water chemical composition located in the floodplain of the Malka River, the largest river flowing through the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, is presented. Data on the quantitative content of the groundwater ion-salt composition components serve as indicators to identify background concentrations of pollutants in river waters.

Meteorological characteristics and evapotranspiration dynamics of the Kafernigan river (Tajikistan) – a tributary of the Transboundary Amudarya River for the period 1946–2021

The research results of the meteorological characteristics and evapotranspiration dynamics in the middle reaches of the Varzob river, a tributary of the Kafernigan river, for the period 1946–2021 are presented. It has been established that temperature is a more active factor in the processes of evapotranspiration. A slight trend of decreasing precipitation at altitudes up to 400 m a. s.

Geoecological analysis of the habitat quality of the Russian muskrat (Desmana moschata) on the territory of the Khopyor Reserve to preserve its abundance

The main purpose of the article is to make geoecological analysis of the habitat quality of the Russian muskrat on the territory of specialized protected areas. Based on the collected statistical indicators on the territory of the Khopyor State Nature Reserve, a correlation analysis was carried out between the number of muskrats, climatic and hydrological factors of its habitat, as well as the possible influence of predators on the number of muskrats.

Territorial manufacturing system of the Volga-Ural macroregion: Trends of polarization 2005–2021 and development potential

The application of a multi-scale approach to the study of socio-economic processes makes it possible to see the importance of large (first, second and third in terms of population in their regions) cities for the formation of a territorial production system of supra-regional education as a whole.

Monitoring of monthly dynamics of thunderstorm activity in Iraq

The article presents the study results of the monthly variability thunderstorm activity at three meteorological stations located in Iraq over a ten-year period from 2000 to 2009. This is a study based on archived data from daily meteorological observations. The study of fronts for six months a year and for ten years showed that thunderstorms most often occur in March and April, accounting for about 47.42% of all thunderstorms. Moreover, 22.3% of them are in the northern mountainous region of Iraq.

Search for Long-period Harmonics of Insolation Changes Caused by Planetary Perturbations of Earth’s Orbit

Coming to the Earth a flux of solar radiation is calculated using of modern numerical methods of celestial mechanics over a time interval of about 6000 years with the sampling interval of one year. The luminosity of the Sun was assumed constant. In the power spectrum of the insolation time series detected harmonic of the synodic period of the Mars, as well as harmonics of the combination frequencies of synodic periods of the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, and the frequency corresponding to the sidereal year.

Estimation of the Present State of Agro-climatic Resources of Saratov Region

The paper demonstrates the modern agro-climatic recourses for the period 1981–2012 years and their comparison with the climatic norms for the last period 1912–1980 gg. Shows trends multiyear variations of agro-climatic indices by natural zones of the Saratov region

Landscape Zoning of the Saratov Region’ Right Bank

The article is devoted questions of regional level geosystems landscape zoning with Saratov region’s right bank as an example. Mapping was organized with GIS technologies using on the basis of topographic and thematic maps and space images decoding