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Compaarative Analysis of the Thinly Dispersed Components of the Triassic and Jurassic Sediments from the Caspian Region Aimed at Revelation of the Paleogeografic Settings

Bukina Tamara Philippovna, Saratov State University
Yanochkina Zarema Alekseevna, Saratov State University

Indicators of sedimentogenesis have been established for paleogeographic reconstructions based on ecosystem-nanostructural analysis of finely dispersed sediments. The Early Triassic Olenekian sediments have disclosed some features of primary food chains peculiar for marine basins within the landscapes previously regarded as continental ones. Those have been classified as plains periodically flooded by sea. The coccolith- and ostracod-bearing sediments from epicontinental basins have been recorded in the Middle Triassic sections. Abiogenic micro-, nanostructures of the Late Triassic alluviallacustrine-boggy beds have not retained any traces of transformation by organisms. The primary food chains characteristic of suboceanic basins with coccoliths, copepods and foraminifers are more reliably determinable from the Late Jurassic. 


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