remote sensing

Semi-Empirical Method for Determination of Air Relative Humidity on Results of Sun-Photometric Measurements of Precipitated Water Vapors

The paper is devoted to suggested semi-empirical method for determination of air relative humidity based on results of measurements of precipitated water vapors using sun photometers. The analysis of known Butler method make it possible to predict the presence of extremes in functional dependence of precipitated water vapors on relative humidity on the earth surface.

Saratov Interregional Centre of Space Monitoring as a Factor of Science, Education and Business Integration

The article represents results of scientific-innovation educational centre of geoinformational technologies (GIS-centre) activity. Also briefly reports projects realized by GIS-centre concerning of GIS methodology implementation to Povolzhie’ scientific-production and production organizations and lay down general working trends of the Saratov State University new innovation organization – the interregional centre of space monitoring. 

Application of GIS, Remote Sensing and Tasseled Cap Transformation for the Study of Modern Landscape Plants Region

The paper presents the study materials vegetation using GIS and remote sensing data – satellite images. The description of this method of processing satellite images as «Tasseled cap», describes its advantages as compared to untreated so satellite images of vegetation in the study region