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nature conservation

The Development History of the Concept ?Nature Monument? in Germany in the XIX–XX Сentury

There is a history of the term ?nature monument? in the German science and nature conservation practice between the end of XVIII century and 1920th in the article. According to the German scientists going into this question, stages of the concept extension in theory and practice are briefly classified and the first term using cases are described. The main events of nature protection history in Germany and key works are referred. There is an analysis of the nature monuments in German Empire created to the end of the First World War

The Development History of and Value of the First Large Protected Areas in Germany in the 19th – the Beginning 20th Centuries

The first, rather large protected areas in Germany were created in 19th century under the influence of romanticism, requirements to national definition and proceeding from a socioeconomic situation. It occurred before national parks in USA were created and the German nature protection program formed. The article presents those of them which as much as possible resemble modern nature parks in their problems and organization. The history of their development as protected areas is characteristic for Germany thanks to private, public and state initiatives.