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The Influence of Meteorological Conditions on Air Pollution in Saratov

Saratov is one of the cities of the Volga region where in a relatively small area many industrial enterprises are concentrated emitting into the atmosphere harmful substances which, entering the atmosphere are deposited on the surface, washed out by precipitation and are carried to considerable distances from the place of emission. All of these processes occur with the help of the wind and depend on air temperature, solar radiation, rainfall and other meteorological factors.

On the manifestations of climate change in the wind regime in the territory of Syunik marz (Armenia)

The manifestations of climate change in the regularities of the wind regime in the territory of Syunik marz of Armenia are considered. Monthly wind data for the period 1966–2018 of six weather stations were used as a source material. It was found that at all meteostations, except for Kapan, currently operating in the territory of Syunik marz there is a tendency towards a decrease in wind speed for 1966–2018.

Assessment of future Central African air temperatures under the CMIP5 and CMIP6 project scenarios

Based on the results of the historical experiment of the CMIP5 and CMIP6 projects, the effectiveness of the scenario estimates (RCP/SSP1 2.6, RCP/SSP2 4.5 and RCP/SSP5 8.5) of the future air temperature for Central Africa for the IPSL and BCC global climate models is evaluated and the simulation results of these projects are compared with each other and with the observations of meteorological stations in the region, both for the historical experimental period and with the observations of recent years for the implementation of future climate projection