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The Atmosphere Circulation Character in Atlantic- Eurasia Sector of Hemisphere as an Indicator of Climatic Changes of Russian Plane (with Winter as an Example)

In this article considers the nature of the atmospheric circulation in the atlantic-eurasian sector of the hemisphere with the use of multiyear averages maps of the surface of the AT-500 Hpa, corresponding to different periods of state of the climate system (stabilization, the second wave of the global warming). On the basis of the dynamics of change of temperature fields on the average level of the troposphere conclusion is made about the forthcoming changes of winter conditions on the Russian plain

Features of the Circulation Processes in the Lower Volga Region in Winter

There are considered the basic weather- and climate forcing of synoptic processes in the Lower Volga region. Below shows the dynamics of their changes on a background of global climate trends. It is shown that the cold temperature of the winter months is formed under the influence of the arctic anticyclone. Of the cyclones on the arctic front and of the cyclones on the polar front are formed warmer winter weather conditions

Meteorological Features During Summer 2015 in Saratov

The characteristics weather conditions and circulation processes during summer 2015 in Saratov are discussed. Their role in the formation of precipitation is estimated.