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Поволжский экономический район

The Effect of the Second City in the Economic Development of the Subjects of Russia in the Volga Economic Region

The evaluation of the contribution of the second city of the subjects ofRussia in the Volga economic region in industrial production. Defines the role of second cities in the development of the region.

The Transformation of Economic Structure of the Russian Subjects of the Volga Economic Region in 2005–2013

The article is showing the structural changes in the industrial structure of the Russian subjects of the Volga economic region in 2005-2013. The reasons and consequences of these changes, especially in the manufacturing area, are discussed.

Attractiveness of Regions and Cities of the Volga Economic Region

The article suggests approaches to the study of the attractiveness of different regions and cities. Some of them apply to the subjects of the Russian Federation and the cities of the Volga economic region.

Change of the Economic Districts Grid in the Volga Economic Region

This article deals with the problem of economic zoning associated with the methodology of allocation of economic microzones, proposed by E. E. Leyzerovich. A comparison of meshes of the zoning of different years is carried out, the reasons of their differences are established. Possible changes of types of economic districts of the Volga region and the factors promoting them are considered. Comparative development of industry in the districts is analyzed.

The Zoning of the Ural-Volga Region for Spatial Planning Purposes

The composition of macro-regions in the «Strategy of Spatial Development of the Russian Federation for the Period up to 2025» is considered. The principles of allocation of the macro-region are analyzed from the position of compliance with the approaches of economic zoning. Within the vast territory of the Ural-Volga region, typical and transitional regions are distinguished, morphological features of the settlement system are analyzed, primarily in the river valleys. The conclusion is made about the internal heterogeneity of a number of proposed macro-regions.

Structural Differences in the Industry of the Volga Region

The article raises the question of complementarity of economic structures of a number of the Volga and Ural regions within the supraregional formation, which can be the Volga economic region or the Volga-Ural macro-region. The degree of changes in the structure of the manufacturing industry of the Volga regions over the decade is estimated, including taking into account the dynamics of the production of innovative products.