Geochemical Data on Lower-Taiga Ore Cluster (Primorye) and Zonation of Multimetal Mineralization

Currently, the effective use of geochemical research results is hampered by the lack of software and computer support. In this study an attempt was made to process geochemical data on multimetal mineralization of the Lower-Taiga ore cluster (NTRU) on the basis of Matlab mathematical simulation software. The analysis was carried out on more than 5000 samples taken from channel and chip sampling of mine workings, spectral, spectrographic aurometric, assay-activation, atomic absorption and chemical analyses of NTRU.

Characterization of the Natural-administrative Zoning of the Orenburg Region

The article discusses the natural-administrative zoning of the Orenburg region, a brief physico-geographical and socio-economic characteristics of the 6 zones. By using a map method compare natural-administrative zoning, with administrative-territorial division and physical-geographical zoning and agricultural zoning of the Orenburg region.

Alga Tasmanites Newton, 1875 in Lower Permian Sediments within the Western Part of the Pre Caspian Depression and their Role in Stratigraphy and Geology Oil and Gas

Tasmanites Newton green algae are suggested as marine sediments scattered organic matter catagenetic maturity indicators. Indicator palynological scale of rock maturation determination and its application were are regarded based on regular variation of cyst membrane with the increase of temperature