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the Earth’s climate system

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Centres of the Atmosphere Action of the Nortern Hemishere

On the basis of a new approach to the study of the circulation of objects in the hemisphere physical-statistical method considered changing dynamics of the main circulation system of the Northern Hemisphere. Based on this approach, the peculiarities of the circulation regime change in the hemisphere at different periods of the Earth’s climate system

Estimation of Response Time and Sensitivity of the Earth’s Climate System to Radiative Forcing

The Earth’s climate system (ECS) is considered as a linear system whose input is a change in the solar constant, and the output is an anomaly of the globally averaged surface temperature. As a result of the restoration, the impulse response of the system was obtained at time intervals up to 100 months. It has been shown that the response time of ECS can be characterized by a time constant of 1.305 ± 0.026 months. The sensitivity of ECS to radiative forcing is 0.320±0.074 K W-1m2, and the positive feedback coefficient is 1.07±0.25.