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Saratov Region

Peculiarities of Formation of Anthropogenic Hydrochemical Anomalies in Groundwater within the Oil and Gas Fields

During long-term operation of oil and gas fields in the groundwater on their territory are formed hydrogeochemical anomalies expressed primarily chlorellaman type chemical composition, typical of the zone of active water exchange. The formation of the chemical composition of groundwater is influenced by many factors, both natural and manmade.

The Issue of Problem Aspects of Development and Implementation Land Use and Development Rules of Saratov Region’ Settlements

The article shows the main problem questions of Land use and development rules of settlements’ territories creation. Problematic aspects of Rules development related of making changes in existing Rules in accordance with the classifier of permitted land use, difficulties in identifying and mapping boundaries of zones with special conditions of use, resolve contentious issues at public hearings are defined.

Geoecological Assessment of Quality of a Surface Water of a River Basin Chardym in the Saratov Region

In this article you can find results of the hydrological works, that was realized by landscape-ecological investigation in a Chardym river basin in the summer 2015. With the help of the portable equipment and standard methodology, chemical water components were defined and was given an assessment of their quality based on standard criteria of maximum concentration limit of the polluting substances for reservoirs of fishery appointment and potential sources of technogenic pollution.

The Possibility of GIS Technologies using for internal University educational Risk Overcoming (with Geography Faculty of Saratov State University as an Example)

The article presents the experience of overcoming of one of the most domestic internal educational risk – the risk of the number of entrants incompetence. Considered the possibility of GIS technologies introducing in the analysis of spatial distribution, quantity and quality of potential applicants with inspection board of geography faculty of Saratov State University as an example.

Spatial Dynamics of Development of Economy of the Saratov Region in 2010–2015

In the period 2010–2015 the various sectors of economy of the Saratov region showed multidirectional movement. This is especially true for crops and livestock. The article analyzes the spatial shifts in production of certain products of industry with the use of Herfindahl–Hirschman index.

The Spatial Issues in the «Strategy for Socio-economic Development of the Saratov Region till 2030»

The key points of the Strategy for socio-economic development of the Saratov region till 2030 against primarily the spatial organization of а manufacturing industry are discussed. The proposed typology of districts is annalysed.

Ability of Atmosphere in Self-Purification in Various Districts of the Saratov Region

?In the article results of research concerning ability of atmosphere in self-purification in Saratov and the Saratov region are presented. Dynamics of the atmospheric self-purification coefficient in various areas of the Saratov region is analysed during warm and cold seasons for the long-term period and from 2000 to 2004. The formula of the atmospheric self-purification coefficient’s calculation is improved according to regional climate conditions. Maps of spatial differences in atmospheric ability for self-purification on the territory of Saratov are constructed.

Regionalization of Saratov Region commercial Oil Production Region according the Territory resistance of Oil Pollution with GIS Supporting

The regionalization of Saratov region commercial oil production region supporting with GIS is made possible to mark out (within the research region) several areas with different resistance to oil pollution subject to area types and native zones. 

Limit Development Factors of Agriculture within semi-arid Saratov Priuzenie

The article considers climatic and soil factors, that limit adoption of plant-breeding within the north semidesert. Analysis of long-term observations data in Aleksandrov Guy weather station, thematic maps (soil and landscape maps), space images and field research materials were made for this work. As the result of performed work, authors made the list of agricultural crops that could be recommended for cultivation in semi-arid term of Saratov Zavolzhie. 

Tree-shrubbery Vegetation as the Element of Landscapes of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye

This article is devoted to the analyses of the role of tree-shrubbery vegetation of natural and anthropogene origin in the structure and functioning of landscapes of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye. In this work there are used the materials of field field researches of different years, topographic and subject charts, space photographs, elements of GIS-technologies.