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Possible Changes of the Geomagnetic Field Intention in Titonian – Berrassian and Campanian – Maastrichtian

By the results of exploration of Titonian – Berriassian sections of Mountain Crimea and Campanian – Maastrichtian sections of west of the Middle Asia, Volga region and Crimea it became possible to reconstruct the special aspects of the geomagnetic field paleointensity changes. There were received the average scale of variations, that rise at the end of geological periods. It should be noted that at the end of Jurassic the average amplitude of geomagnetic field variations was lower than at the end of Cretaceous.

Definition of Paleointensity in the Eocene Section Plateau Aktolagay

There was explored the behavior of Rns parameter (relation between the module of natural remaining magnetization after temperature 250° to the magnetization of saturation) in the interval of Ypresian in Aktolagay plateau (West Kazakhstan). The parameters were recounted to the values of H/H0 (relation between paleointensity to the intensity of modern magnetic field).