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Agricultural Nature Management of Semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye: Development History and Modern Structure

The article is devoted to the questions of agricultural nature management that is considered subject to natural-resort potential of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye landscapes, history of it’s economic reclamation and modern structure of nature management. Materials of different years field research, statistic data, topographic and thematical maps, space images, elements of GIS-technologies are used in the work

A Modern Condition and Anthropogenic Effects in the Course of Development of the Polar Landscapes of Russia

The landscapes of polar countries are neither young nor secondary. An external shape and internal composition of polar landscapes are created as a whole by permafrost (continuous, faltering with taliks and island). In some cases, under unfavorable conditions, its own destructive influences on landscapes are strengthened by endodynamic risks (first of all, by seismicity flashes from 1 to 2 points).

Tree-shrubbery Vegetation as the Element of Landscapes of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye

This article is devoted to the analyses of the role of tree-shrubbery vegetation of natural and anthropogene origin in the structure and functioning of landscapes of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye. In this work there are used the materials of field field researches of different years, topographic and subject charts, space photographs, elements of GIS-technologies. 

Large-Scale Landscape Mapping (Semi-Desert Saratov Priuzenye as an Example)

The article is devoted to mapping questions of local semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye geosystems and facilities of cartographical works using for landscape structure identification and it’s variation as a result of anthropogenic load on the territory. Different ages field research, topographical and thematical maps, space images, geoinformation technology’ elements are used in the work. 

The Conditions of Development and the Activity of Exogenous Geological Processes on the South-Western Coasts of Crimea from Cape Aya to Cape Sarych

The history of the study of the southwestern part of the Crimean coast between cape Aya and сape Sarych was considered. The conditions determining the development of exogenous geological processes on the coasts studied were characterized. They are: the type of coast, the tectonic construction and the direction of tectonic movements, maritime relief, lithological composition of the coasts. Genesis, morphometric characteristics, granulometric and material composition of the beaches forming here are described.