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Oncological and Geographical Research in Saratov: Results and Prospects

The article shows the experience of urboecologists and oncologists coworking to introduce new methods of detection and prevention of malignant neoplasms in Saratov on the basis of complex geoecological researches using GIS-technologies. Also the structure and content of cartographic databases of specialized medical and geographic GIS, which allows creating carcinogenic situation maps, making screening researches and developing recommendations for oncologists and other medical specialties on the basis of there are considered.

Urban Ecological Aspect in Analyzing the Incidence of a Thyroid Cancer in Saratov

The article provides the experience of joint work of urban ecologists and oncologists in identifying and preventing the thyroid cancer in Saratov. Oncogeographic works were based on the geo-ecological research data, which made possible to determine the most polluted urban landscapes. The medical- geographic analysis was made with the help of using GIS technology. Urban ecological work precedes screening studies. Also, it is the basis of oncological monitoring.

The prevalence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas in Saratov (medico-geographical analysis)

Malignant neoplasms of the lymphatic system, which are characterized by damage to groups of lymph nodes and/or damage to internal organs are called lymphomas. The analysis of statistical data shows that there is incomplete information about the incidence in specific regions. The study of the prevalence of lymphomas, the need to monitor the incidence, and the identification and analysis of possible links between pathology and urban environmental features are an urgent problem.