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Some Aspects of present-day demographical Situation in Saratov Region

The studies of the demographic structure of the population, the characteristics of migration, the intraregional differences in the demographic situation, consideration of socio-economic ranking of the region give the grounds to draw a conclusion about the inevitability of the further process of depopulation in the region, the deterioration of the «quality» of the population. 

Population dynamics of Volgograd, Samara and Saratov regions: Contribution of migration

Volgograd, Samara and Saratov regions are neighboring regions. Demographic development in the regions has general trends. Migration is becoming the main component influencing the differences in population dynamics in the regions. The Samara region continues to attract both interregional Russian and international migrants.

Demographic situation in Saratov region (2010–2021)

The analysis of the current demographic situation is relevant since both demographic and migration growth are negative in the region. This article analyzes the main indicators of the demographic development of the region in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic against the background of previous years.