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Research of Influence of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere on Global Climate

In the present article influence of a planetary high-rise frontal zone on variability of global climate is considered. It is revealed the high-rise frontal zone loudspeaker during various natural climatic periods of a condition of the Earth’s climate system and their statistical importance is estimated

On the Influence of the Planetary Front High-Rise Zone to Change Some Characteristics of the Climatic Regime in the Northern Hemisphere

This article considers the questions of influence of the planetary highrise frontal zones (PVFS) on the climatic regime of the Northern hemisphere. Shows the dynamics of the areas PVFS relatively natural climatic periods state the earth’s climate system. The connection of the speakers areas PVFS with the wind regime change in the hemisphere

The End-Permian Mass Extinction Events on Land in Russia

The mass extinction of life in the sea and on land 251 million years ago, at the Permian-Triassic boundary, was undoubtedly the largest mass extinction of all time. Sedimentological and geochemical evidence shows that global temperatures rose, that there was extensive oceanic anoxia, and that there was massive erosion of sediment, especially soils, from the land.

Features of the Transboundary Rivers of Central Asia (on the Example of Kyrgyzstan)

The article describes the current situation of water resources in Central Asia (on the example of Kyrgyzstan) which recently caused a number of national and international meetings, consultations, and conflicts. The issue becomes even more acute when they are of a transboundary nature. In this regard, it is necessary to implement an integrated approach in the management of water and energy resources of transboundary rivers.

Evaluating the statistical significance of air temperature changes in the Northern hemisphere by statistical methods

The analysis of changes in the near-surface air temperature of the Northern Hemisphere is given. To identify years in which there was a violation of the series homogeneity, the stepwise trend method was applied using Kolmogorov statistics. It is shown that the identified homogeneous climatic intervals basically correspond to the natural climatic periods of the state of the Earth’s climate system.