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The Influence of Integration Processes at the Territorial Structure of the Chemical Industry of the New Federal States of Germany

The article represents the integration processes, that caused by the unification of Germany and that continues to present days. It is established that the restructuring and privatization have contributed to the restoration and further growth of the chemical industry in new federal lands. Also the contingence of the integration process with a change in the territorial structure of the chemical industry in East Germany and their influence to the creation of the networks (clusters) is indicated in the article

Spatial Structure of the Chemical Industry in North Germany in the Early 21th Century

This article is about modern situation in the spatial structure of the chemical industry in North Germany. It has been established that globalization and integration processes into the world economic system are evident as an enhancement of the interaction between the various elements (enterprises) and subsystems (firms and their associations) of the system “chemical industry”. It is leads to a new form of spatial organization of the chemical industry – local and regional clusters.

Pilot innovative territorial clusters: Spatial differentiation, patterns of development and efficiency

The article is devoted to the study of an important component of innovative infrastructure – pilot innovative territorial clusters. The main stages of their formation were considered, spatial patterns of development, structure and economic efficiency were identified and analyzed.