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valley complexes

Methodological Aspects of Modeling of Ecological Functions of valley Complexes in a Cybernetic Landscape

Article is devoted theoretical and methodological aspects of the functional organization of a cultural landscape. An object of research is ecological function which acts as external display of properties of landscape components in inter-element communications of nature-social systems. As a technological platform the cybernetic landscape – interactive operated computer model is considered

The Topological Analysis of Valleys of a City of Saratov and Modeling Range on a Right Bank of the Bottom Volga

In article results of the comparative analysis of topology valleys complexes within the modeling range located on east macro-slope of the Privolzhsky height are shown. Comparison of the urbanized and not urbanized territories has allowed to reveal landscape analogs city valleys. The received results give the grounds for interpolation of geodynamic parameters of an erosive network with a view of development of practical recommendations about ecological optimization city planning decisions.