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Ethnic Aspects of Urbanisation in Saratov Region

Saratov region is one of the most highly urbanized Russian regions. Despite a significant percent of medium and small cities (83.3%), only 34% of the regional urban population live their. Due to the nature of the ethnic composition of the population, external migration, as well as to demographic behavior of different peoples, ethnic composition of the population of the region, and cities in particular, is changing.

Modern Urbanization in the Saratov Region

Saratov region is one of the highly urbanized regions in Russia, 75% of the population as of 2014 live in urban areas of the region. Urbanization in the region, following the all-Russian trend, has passed all stages. From the initial stage of large city urbanization to reurbanization with stabilization of population of large cities and their renewed development. Saratov agglomeration has formed and developed. Processes of suburbanization, and gentrification found its development in the region.