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urban agglomeration

Modern Urbanization in the Saratov Region

Saratov region is one of the highly urbanized regions in Russia, 75% of the population as of 2014 live in urban areas of the region. Urbanization in the region, following the all-Russian trend, has passed all stages. From the initial stage of large city urbanization to reurbanization with stabilization of population of large cities and their renewed development. Saratov agglomeration has formed and developed. Processes of suburbanization, and gentrification found its development in the region.

Foreign Research Experience of the Non-Street Passenger Transport

The development of urban agglomerations is connected with the solution of the issues of territorial zones allocation and ensuring their transport accessibility. The purpose of the article is to determine the theoretical and methodological foundations of this subject. A review of foreign studies on the topic of extra-street passenger transport is conducted. The terminology used in foreign literature is defined. On the example of urban metropolitan areas of the USA, the development of public transport and the position of researchers on this issue are considered.