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Meteorological characteristics and evapotranspiration dynamics of the Kafernigan river (Tajikistan) – a tributary of the Transboundary Amudarya River for the period 1946–2021

The research results of the meteorological characteristics and evapotranspiration dynamics in the middle reaches of the Varzob river, a tributary of the Kafernigan river, for the period 1946–2021 are presented. It has been established that temperature is a more active factor in the processes of evapotranspiration. A slight trend of decreasing precipitation at altitudes up to 400 m a. s.

Estimation of the Present State of Agro-climatic Resources of Saratov Region

The paper demonstrates the modern agro-climatic recourses for the period 1981–2012 years and their comparison with the climatic norms for the last period 1912–1980 gg. Shows trends multiyear variations of agro-climatic indices by natural zones of the Saratov region

Variability of Climatic Rates for Period of Instrumental Observations in Saratov

On the basis of a long series of observations (1912–2010 gg.) investigated long-term variability in temperature, precipitation and other meteorological parameters. It is shown that climate normal of temperature and precipitation in the modern period is significantly different from the baseline period of 1961–1990 gg., proposed by the WMO

Estimation of Atmospheric Parameters and their Effects on Aircraft Flight using GIS-T echnology

At echelons of airplane lying in the upper troposphere and low stratosphere, air temperature varies sharply, which affects the speed of airplane, fuel consumption and height of the airplane ceiling. The paper presents calculations of these characteristics of the aircraft depending on the temperature on the routes crossing of cyclones and anticyclones

Features Synoptic and Agro-meteorological Conditions of the Autumn Period in 2016 in the Lower Volga Region and their Impact on the Autumn Growing Season of Winter Crops

The article presents an analysis of the synoptic and agrometeorological conditions prevailing in the region in the autumn of 2016. Shown anomaly hydrothermal regime and assessed the impact of the prevailing conditions at the seeding, the autumn vegetation and tempering of winter crops.

Characteristic of Сontinental Climate in Saratov and St. Petersburg during Global Warming

Indices of continental climate at different time intervals for Saratov and St. Petersburg are calculated. They reflect the tendency of a decrease in continentality, associated with a temperature increase in the winter seasons.