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tectonic-hydrothermal activation

Synsedimentation Hydrothermal Processes as Event Indicators for Interregional Correlations of Triassic Sequences

Event stratification of the sections constitutes an investigation trend aimed at detailed interregional correlation of sedimentary sequences. Based on extensive factual material, the authors have revealed the most significant changes in the Middle Triassic sedimentary and volcanogenic-sedimentary bodies. The entire Middle Triassic is peculiar for manifestations of hydrothermal-metasomatic processes within terrigenous, biogenic, volcanogenic bodies and bodies of mixed origins.

Hydrocarbon natural tectonic Pump and secondary dolomitization as a Result of tectonic-hydrothermal Activity in a rift sedimentary Basin

The linear trend of secondary dolomitization development within the Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye field has been found to traverse the tectonically contrasting, closely adjacent and hydrodynamically  interconnected compression-tension zones. This provides rationale for origination of a natural tectonic pump in the field.

Petrogenic Water, Hydrothermal Process and Oil Migration in a Tectonically Activated Buried Continental Rift (West Siberia)

It was established that with convective heat and mass transfer in the region of the Krasnoleninskij swell (West Siberia), the pulsating lateral pressure regime used to contribute to interlayer water avalanche liberation from the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous smectites in the process of their hydromicatization. The resurgent (petrogenic) water constituted the basis of the hydrothermal solutions responsible for the processes of ultra-acid leaching, metasomatosis, hydrocarbon generation and migration.