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seismic exploration

The Gas Poles in Conjunction Zones of the Large Geostructural Blocks of Complex Structure in the South-Eastern Part of the Russian Platform (within the Regional Uvarovo-Svobodniy Track, Saratov Region)

The article considers the features of the gasometric survey and seismic exploring results on the regional geophysic profile in territory of the large geostructual blocks on south-eastern part of Russian platform: Voronezh anticlise, Rjazano-Saratov’s deflection and Zhiguljov-Pugachov deflection. It selected testes of gas from 2m depth there are metan, its gomologes, hydrogen, gelium. In gas anomalies the fractured tectonic and geostructured elements reflected. Its presents the oil-gas prospecting interest.

Reliability Increase in Oil and Gas Perspective Objects Forecast on the Basis of Polarizing Filtration

This article focuses on the problem of improving seismic data reliability of seismic data during oil and gas exploration. As one of the most effective ways to solve this problem, the authors consider the application of polarization filtering. For its practical implementation it is offered to use new adaptive technology. It is characterized by high technological effectiveness, advanced capabilities to allow peculiarities of reflectors polarization and interference waves in specific seismogeological conditions.

Seismic gravimetric modeling in geological problems of Saratov region sections

Geological and geophysical modeling is a modern and classic method of processing and interpretation, which is relevant in the segment of geological exploration of any geophysical method. The article presents the material of two-dimensional modeling based on the results of gravity and seismic exploration in the licensed areas of the Saratov region.