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Pricaspian Depression

On the Regional Prepermian Unconformity in the Sections from the edge Zones of the Pricaspian Depression

Factual data has been analyzed on the unconformities at the Carboniferous-Permian boundary in the sections from the edge and the inner by-edge zones of the Pricaspian Depression; varieties of opinions on the unconformity formation mechanisms have been analyzed, as well.

Main Features of the Permian Halogenesis Hydrochemistry in the Caspian Region

In 1960–1980, the Elton and the Gremyachka deposits of potassium salts were discovered within the Permian halogen sequences in the Lower Volga Region, bischofite presence was recorded in the Privolzhskaya monocline, the conditions of halogen-bed formation were defined as those peculiar for typical evaporites. But in 1980-2010, halogenesis hypotheses emerged that denied the principal importance of climatic factor and the dominant role of oceanic waters in the brine composition of the salt-generating basin.