Multi-feature petrophysical classification of rocks as a basis for interpretation of geophysical data

The work is carried out approbation of the algorithm for the complex interpretation of geophysical data using data classification algorithm. Distributions by class are obtained and compared with petrophysical materials from published sources. This data is compared and geological composition of the studied area is obtained. The applicability of this approach for the integrated interpretation of geophysical data is shown, including low-level studied areas with a complex geological structure.

Prospects of Geological Modeling of Oil and Gas Bearing Reservoirs While Drilling

In this paper, we consider the technology of geological modeling of oil and gas reservoirs, based on the results of interpretation of the mud logging and well logging data. Informative geological and geophysical parameters for distinguishing marking horizons were determined. A technological scheme for opening productive reservoirs is proposed, based on the allocation of reference layers of different levels.