Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in the Soils of the Town of Volsk (Saratov Region)

The concentrations of mobile forms of heavy metals (copper, nickel, zinc, copper, lead and chromium) in the soils of the town of Volsk (Saratov region) were determined. It has been established that the concentration of heavy metals (nickel, copper, lead and zinc) exceeds the maximum permissible concentration. 94% of the selected samples are related to the permissible level of pollution, 4% to the moderate level and 2% to the dangerous level. Thus, it can be noted that the occurrence of anomalous zones with a dangerous level of pollution is observed on the territory of the town of Volsk.

Estimation of Soil Cover mobile and total Forms of heavy Metals Pollution in Zone of Guselskogo Landfill Solid waste Influence (Saratov)

The studies to determine the concentration of mobile and total forms of heavy metals. Assessed by an excess of total and mobile forms of heavy metals in the soil cover over the set of MPC and evaluated geochemical transformation of soils by analyzing their total fertility heavy metal pollution.

The Assessment of Motor Transport’ Influence on a Condition of Atmospheric air and a Soil Cover in the Territory of the Engels City

The research of motor transport’ influence on a condition of atmospheric air and a solid cover of the Engels city are carried out. motor transport movement on city streets is analysed. concentration of exhaust gases from the motor transport are calculated. Interrelations between quantity of the motor transport, concentration of exhaust gases and pollution of a soil cover are established

Concentration of Lead and Cadmium in Territory of Preschool Institutions of the City of Engels

Results of ekologo-geochemical approbation in territory of preschool institutions of a city of Engels are presented. The data about disease of children in the given establishments on various types of diseases is analysed. The estimation of an ecological condition of a soil cover is given