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Regional Features of Geoecological Risks (with Saratov Region’ Oilfields as an Example)

The article shows characteristic of regional features of oilfield’s geoecological risk (with Saratov region as an example). Geoinformation systems (GIS) and mathematical and cartographical models as a tool of their analysis are disclosed possibilities of using

The Issue of Problem Aspects of Development and Implementation Land Use and Development Rules of Saratov Region’ Settlements

The article shows the main problem questions of Land use and development rules of settlements’ territories creation. Problematic aspects of Rules development related of making changes in existing Rules in accordance with the classifier of permitted land use, difficulties in identifying and mapping boundaries of zones with special conditions of use, resolve contentious issues at public hearings are defined.

Сравнительный медикогеографический анализ распространенности базальноклеточного рака кожи в Саратове

In the article, in a comparative analysis, for the periods from 1991 to 1998, 2015 and 2022, the issues of the territorial prevalence of basal cell skin cancer in Saratov are considered. The residential areas of patients were studied and mapped taking into account risk factors. The result of the study was an oncoecological analysis of urban landscape sites and the creation of a scheme for the active search for early forms of skin cancer.