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geothermal conditions

The Precaspian Depression Geothermal Conditions and Heat and Fluid Flows

The Precaspian depression subsoil geothermal mode characteristics result not only from presence of the huge evaporite formations and salt dome tectonics, but also from the depth structure of its no granite crust and underlying lithospheric mantle. The current heat flow is primarily of mantle origin and correlates with the HC, helium and other mobile components deep fluid flow.

Forecast of the Phase State of Hydrocarbon Deposits in the South-East of the Volga-Ural Province

In article modern geothermal conditions of the main oil-and-gas complexes are analysed, temperature and deep borders of change of a phase condition of deposits of hydrocarbons are revealed, сonclusions are drawn on a possibility of the separate forecast of deposits of fluids, various on structure, in the considered territory.