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forest-steppe zone

Droughts in the Forest-Steppe Zone of Central Chernozemic Region and Criteria for Evaluation of their Intensity

The classification of spring-summer droughts into the categories of «weak», «moderate», «strong», «ecological catastrophe» derived from regional meteorological characteristics and the sensitivity scale of Scots pine to drought is discussed. It is proposed to evaluate the drought as an autonomous natural phenomenon, within a certain territory and its (dry) vegetative season.

Natural Prerequisites of Changing the Vegetation Cover of Ribbon Forests on the Territory of Altai Krai

The article presents the study results of changes in the plant cover of ribbon forests of the Priobsky Plateau during the Holocene. According to satellite imagery data, a change in the role of different types of vegetation cover, corresponding to the current environmentally friendly conditions of the steppe and forest-steppe zones has been established.