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Variability of Climatic Rates for Period of Instrumental Observations in Saratov

On the basis of a long series of observations (1912–2010 gg.) investigated long-term variability in temperature, precipitation and other meteorological parameters. It is shown that climate normal of temperature and precipitation in the modern period is significantly different from the baseline period of 1961–1990 gg., proposed by the WMO

Climatic-Information Technology of Wind-Energetic Tasks Solving

Theoretic basis of all-purposes climatic-information technology estimation of potential and utilize wind-energetic resources and windenergetic plant service conditions are developed. Acceptable error of wind-energetic characteristics spatial renewal, wide range of facilities, usability and other qualities of this technology are conclusive proof for its application in stage of preproject development

Using the Volgograd Reservoir as Recreational Zone within the Saratov Region

The article deals with the study of the component-wise and comprehensively considered climatic and recreational potential of the Volgograd reservoir within the Saratov region. The author uses in its work the analyze of the objective zonal and azonic criteria and communication between major recreational components, as well as climatic and bioclimatic differences in some locations on the waters and shores, representing the scientific basis for climate-recreational zoning of the zone of influence of the Volgograd reservoir

The Possible Scenario for Climate Change on the Egyptian Nile Delta

It is known that climate change has an effect on many Deltas all over the world. Egyptian Nile Delta, one of the most dangerous places which may be suffered from risks of climate change. In the current work, an attempt to study the effect of climate change on the Nile Delta has been discussed.

Geochemical Conditions of the Development of Modern and Buried Soils of the Middle Volga Region

The article presents datas on the gross chemical composition of buried soils of Subatantic and Subboreal periods, that’s located on geosystems floodplain of the Middle Volga. Based on the evaluation of geochemical factors justified bioclimatic conditions of their development, as well as the peculiarities of the process of soil formation. The comparative geochemical characteristics of buried soils with their zonal analogues (leached chernozem).

Characteristic of Сontinental Climate in Saratov and St. Petersburg during Global Warming

Indices of continental climate at different time intervals for Saratov and St. Petersburg are calculated. They reflect the tendency of a decrease in continentality, associated with a temperature increase in the winter seasons.

Analysis of Different Distribution Laws Using for Wind Speed Leveling on the South-West of European Part of Russian Federation

Statistical analysis of the most popular and often used laws of distribution, that used for probability estimation of various wind speed: Puasson, normal, longnormal and Viebulla-Gudrich laws with application of Pirson and Kolmogorov criteria was carried out. This law is recommended to use for wind conditions mathematical description for on the south-west of european part of Russian Federation. 

The importance of decarbonization of industrial enterprises in the Volgograd region

The article presents the influence analysis of industrial enterprises of the Volgograd region on the state of atmospheric air in the region. The importance of solving the problem of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere at the international level has been analyzed. Foreign experience in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions of industrial enterprises is considered. A method to reduce the environmental burden on atmospheric air by decarbonization, i.e. сarbon capture and storage of CO2 in deep geological objects is proposed.