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Alga Tasmanites Newton, 1875 in Lower Permian Sediments within the Western Part of the Pre Caspian Depression and their Role in Stratigraphy and Geology Oil and Gas

Tasmanites Newton green algae are suggested as marine sediments scattered organic matter catagenetic maturity indicators. Indicator palynological scale of rock maturation determination and its application were are regarded based on regular variation of cyst membrane with the increase of temperature

Auutygenic Dolomite High-сarbon Radials Bajenovskaya Switches – Indicator of the Regime Active Singenic Naptidogenesis

The article is devoted to the role of algal material of the Bazhenov suite in the the formation of authigenic dolomite. Authigenic dolomite could form in the environment of convergence of two processes: hydrothermal («wedging out» in the rear zones) and catagenetic (background) generated by conductive heat transfer. The development of the algal dolomite in situ shows that the source rocks experienced the stage of intensive (final) hydrocarbons generation.