Demographic Aging of the Rural Population of Saratov Region

The rural population of Saratov region is rapidly declining. This is due to the negative natural growth, and a significant migratory outflow. These factors lead to population aging. The proportion of people over 60 in the entire population of rural areas is growing. The demographic burden on the working-age population is increasing, and the aging index is increasing. The aging of population is largely due to a significant migration outflow of young people from the region. This is a specificity of the region.

The Selection of the Optimal Detection Method for Agricultural Crops by Satellite Images of High Resolution (the Saratov Volga Region as an Example)

The article provides finding the optimal method for crop detection by high resolution satellite imagery (using the Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 shooting systems as an example), examines the advantages and disadvantages of existing algorithms and recording systems and selects the optimal method. The result of the study is the application of the optimal algorithm for crop detection and its verification on arable lands of the Saratov Volga region.

Territorial Organisation of Social Services of the Elderly Population of the Baikal Region

The article provides a comprehensive assessment of the location of social services facilities in the context of municipal regions of the Baikal region. Based on the results obtained, a grouping of territories was compiled according to the degree of provision with complex centers, boarding houses and home-based services. It was revealed that the main factors in the organization of social infrastructure facilities are the geographical location, the high concentration of the population in the main resettlement zone and the high level of urbanization.

Semi-Empirical Method for Determination of Air Relative Humidity on Results of Sun-Photometric Measurements of Precipitated Water Vapors

The paper is devoted to suggested semi-empirical method for determination of air relative humidity based on results of measurements of precipitated water vapors using sun photometers. The analysis of known Butler method make it possible to predict the presence of extremes in functional dependence of precipitated water vapors on relative humidity on the earth surface.

Foreign Students in Russia: Educational Migrants or Potential Residents

The article discusses the trends of educational migration to Russia, including the geography of migrants’ origin. The main stream of educational migrants comes from neighboring countries. To smooth out the country’s demographic problems, educational migrants are the best migrants. These are highly qualified young people who have undergone adaptation and integration during their studies. The country needs to break the stereotype of migrants from Central Asia only as low-skilled workers.

Structural Differences in the Industry of the Volga Region

The article raises the question of complementarity of economic structures of a number of the Volga and Ural regions within the supraregional formation, which can be the Volga economic region or the Volga-Ural macro-region. The degree of changes in the structure of the manufacturing industry of the Volga regions over the decade is estimated, including taking into account the dynamics of the production of innovative products.

Foreign Research Experience of the Non-Street Passenger Transport

The development of urban agglomerations is connected with the solution of the issues of territorial zones allocation and ensuring their transport accessibility. The purpose of the article is to determine the theoretical and methodological foundations of this subject. A review of foreign studies on the topic of extra-street passenger transport is conducted. The terminology used in foreign literature is defined. On the example of urban metropolitan areas of the USA, the development of public transport and the position of researchers on this issue are considered.

Angarsk City District – Modern Economic-Geographic Development

The article is devoted to the modern economic and geographical development of one of the main industrial and agricultural subregions of the Irkutsk region, which transformed in the time dynamics from a large Soviet, post-Soviet industrial city of regional subordination into the modern Angarsk urban district (hereinafter AGO). The AGO structure is a «modular designer» from the city of Angarsk and the non-urban areas (the settlement of Meget, village Savateevka and Odinsk and 11 small settlements).

The Conditions of Development and the Activity of Exogenous Geological Processes on the South-Western Coasts of Crimea from Cape Aya to Cape Sarych

The history of the study of the southwestern part of the Crimean coast between cape Aya and сape Sarych was considered. The conditions determining the development of exogenous geological processes on the coasts studied were characterized. They are: the type of coast, the tectonic construction and the direction of tectonic movements, maritime relief, lithological composition of the coasts. Genesis, morphometric characteristics, granulometric and material composition of the beaches forming here are described.

Studying Linear Erosion by Means of Creating a Refined Digital Elevation Model Based on SRTM (The Khvalynsk District of the Saratov Region as an Example)

This article considers the methodology for constructing a digital elevation model and its derivatives for analyzing the spatial distribution of linear erosion processes using the territory of the Khvalynsky district as an example. The authors propose the creation of a refined terrain model based on SRTM radar data, topographic maps and the interpretation of Earth remote sensing data. The creation technology is described and a comparative analysis of the refined model with the base SRTM is carried out.