Large-Scale Landscape Mapping (Semi-Desert Saratov Priuzenye as an Example)

The article is devoted to mapping questions of local semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye geosystems and facilities of cartographical works using for landscape structure identification and it’s variation as a result of anthropogenic load on the territory. Different ages field research, topographical and thematical maps, space images, geoinformation technology’ elements are used in the work. 

The Development History of and Value of the First Large Protected Areas in Germany in the 19th – the Beginning 20th Centuries

The first, rather large protected areas in Germany were created in 19th century under the influence of romanticism, requirements to national definition and proceeding from a socioeconomic situation. It occurred before national parks in USA were created and the German nature protection program formed. The article presents those of them which as much as possible resemble modern nature parks in their problems and organization. The history of their development as protected areas is characteristic for Germany thanks to private, public and state initiatives. 

The Topological Analysis of Valleys of a City of Saratov and Modeling Range on a Right Bank of the Bottom Volga

In article results of the comparative analysis of topology valleys complexes within the modeling range located on east macro-slope of the Privolzhsky height are shown. Comparison of the urbanized and not urbanized territories has allowed to reveal landscape analogs city valleys. The received results give the grounds for interpolation of geodynamic parameters of an erosive network with a view of development of practical recommendations about ecological optimization city planning decisions. 

Structure and Features of Functioning «GIS-national park» (on an Example of «GIS‑national Park “Hvalynsky”»)

In article the specialised geoinformation system created by the author «GIS-national park “Hvalynsky”» is considered. Conceptual bases of the GIS, the maintenance of separate modular blocks, thematic structure of databases are shown. 

Geoecological Risks’ geoinformational Mapping of oil-fields Exploitation (Saratov Region as an Example)

The article represents general concept of the «risk» and concept of geoecological risk as a one of oil-fields’ risk exploitation manifestation within the regional features of Saratov region. Also the general chart of risk estimation with emphasis on cartographical risk-analysis of oilfields with application of GIS is disclosed in the article. 

Some Aspects of present-day demographical Situation in Saratov Region

The studies of the demographic structure of the population, the characteristics of migration, the intraregional differences in the demographic situation, consideration of socio-economic ranking of the region give the grounds to draw a conclusion about the inevitability of the further process of depopulation in the region, the deterioration of the «quality» of the population. 

The Experience of Application of Technology of Testing in Teaching the Subject Matter of the World Economy Geography

Article is about the possibilities and features of application of test technologies in teaching the World Economy Geography. The author believes that test technologies are an integral part of the control of mastering of knowledge in teaching the World Economy Geography, motivations of informative activity of students, and also serve a feedback establishment between the teacher and the student. On the basis of a private experience in article recommendations about drawing up of tests are made. 

Tree-shrubbery Vegetation as the Element of Landscapes of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye

This article is devoted to the analyses of the role of tree-shrubbery vegetation of natural and anthropogene origin in the structure and functioning of landscapes of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye. In this work there are used the materials of field field researches of different years, topographic and subject charts, space photographs, elements of GIS-technologies. 

Educational-local History electronic Atlas of Saratov Region: Making foundations and Methods

Society development is closely related to collecting of geographicallydistributed information, where the main accumulation and storage role plays atlases, and electronic atlases. The article represents work periods succession of projecting and making of Saratov region educational- local history electronic atlas. Also some aspects of atlas making methodology are disclosed. 

The Analysis and Estimation of Impurity of River Water and Ground Adjournment of the River of Bolshoy Irgiz by Manganese Connections

In article on the basis of field researches August, 2009. The problem of pollution by manganese of waters of the Bolshoy Irgiz river in the Saratov and Samara areas, and also on a water fence of Pugachev is considered. Results of chemical-analytical works about quality of river water in a channel, flood-plain lakes, ponds and water basins of Bolshoy Irgiza, and also on a city water fence and water supply systems are resulted.