Space and time in the development of geosystems in Pacific Russia

Introduction. The analysis of geosystems development on the scale of geographic space on the territory within the framework of geographic time is presented. Space and Time are understood together as “timespace”, that is “time-space”. Theoretical analysis. It allows to conclude that there are different categories of Space and Time. A hidden presence in Space and Time was revealed not only in physical, but also in moral categories, within the framework of “Nature – Man; Man is Nature”. Conclusion.

Differentiation of population density within a large city to identify the level of anthropogenic load (on the example of Belgorod)

Residential areas occupy a special place in the planning structure of the city. The building density and the number of floors of houses have an impact on the architectural appearance of the city and the concentration of the population. However, the high population density indicates a significant pressure on the natural framework. The main objective of this article is to show the differences and heterogeneity of population density within the residential area of the city of Belgorod.

Scheming of socio-economic development of Russian regions: Problems of multi-scale scenario planning

Introduction. Regional development in the last year and a half has faced new challenges related to the limitations of foreign economic relations, which poses the task of revising forecasts of socio-economic dynamics in the subjects of the Russian Federation. Such a task can be solved only by applying a deductive approach: combining development scenarios at different taxonomic levels. Theoretical analysis.

The importance of decarbonization of industrial enterprises in the Volgograd region

The article presents the influence analysis of industrial enterprises of the Volgograd region on the state of atmospheric air in the region. The importance of solving the problem of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere at the international level has been analyzed. Foreign experience in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions of industrial enterprises is considered. A method to reduce the environmental burden on atmospheric air by decarbonization, i.e. сarbon capture and storage of CO2 in deep geological objects is proposed.

Ecological and sanitary condition of the Voronezh water reservoir under “blooming” conditions based on materials from 2016–2022

The aim. Study of the ecological state of the Voronezh reservoir under conditions of “blooming” of water by cyanobacteria. Materials and Methods. EEvaluating water quality data of hydrochemical analysis, assessment of suspended solids distribution and temperature in the water area, materials of hydrobiological study (phytoplankton), microcystin content in water have been taken into account. Results and Discussion. The direction of anthropogenic changes occurring in the ecological state of the reservoir has been traced for 2016–2022.

GIS technology in the reconstruction of trade and transport system of the Golden Horde

The article discusses the issues concerning historical reconstruction of trade and transport system of the Golden Horde based on the data analysis with the use of geographic information systems, logistics modeling and interdisciplinary technologies.

Monitoring of annual variability of thunderstorm activity for climatic stations of Western Siberia

The article presents the study results of the annual variability of thunderstorm activity at nine climatic stations in Western Siberia over a fifty-year period from 1971 to 2020. The study revealed a complex quasi-periodic structure of thunderstorm activity series with the most pronounced amplitude of 7–8-year cycles for the forest-tundra and a 2–4-year cycle for the taiga zone, as well as forest-steppes.

Evaluating the statistical significance of air temperature changes in the Northern hemisphere by statistical methods

The analysis of changes in the near-surface air temperature of the Northern Hemisphere is given. To identify years in which there was a violation of the series homogeneity, the stepwise trend method was applied using Kolmogorov statistics. It is shown that the identified homogeneous climatic intervals basically correspond to the natural climatic periods of the state of the Earth’s climate system. The assessment of the significance of temperature changes in homogeneous climatic areas was carried out by the method of confidence intervals using Student’s t-test.

Internet as an element of modern social infrastructure: Sociological and territorial aspects

The article is devoted to the analysis of the ways of using and accessing the Internet. In the course of the study, a sociological survey of respondents living in the city of Saratov was conducted, the results of which were compared with the average Russian statistical data.

Assessing the continentality index of Western Siberia against the background of regional climate change

Quantitative assessment of the territory continentality is an urgent task, because in the conditions of climate change, the index of continentality can be taken into account when developing geographical forecasts of landscape development. The purpose of this study is to assess the change in the index of continentality of Western Siberia in the conditions of the current trend in climate development. The statistical series of observations on seven meteorological stations in Western Siberia served as the information base of the study.