Some Results of Landscape-ecological Researches on Тerritory Hvalynsky National Park

In article modern problems of the organization of scientific work in Hvalynsky national park are stated. The program of landscapeecological researches in Park is considered. Some results of landscapegeochemical works and snow shootings in the central part of Park are proofs. Prospects of the further researches with application of GIS-technologies are studed. 

History of Formation of a Network of Particularly Protected Natural Territories (PPNT) of the Saratov Region

The history of formation of a regional network of PPNT of Saratov area is considered, in the article the periods and stages in its development are allocated, are analysed regional specifity of the approaches to organization and revealing PPNT. As a result of the carried out researches the author judges necessity of the prompt development of a network PPNT of Saratov area adequate the modern requirements, main of which – maintenance of ecological stability in region.

On Question of Division of Atmospheric Precipitations for «Steady Widespread» and «Excess Heavy»

Results of experience in division of «steady widespread» and «excess heavy» parts of liquid precipitation by criterion of their intensity are considered in this paper. New physical approach is based on distinction of main precipitated ascending movements, causing formation of heavy or steady widespread precipitation. The data on pluviographical observations for ten summer periods (1984 - 1993) at one post in Penza region are analyzed. The non-standard technique of processing and analysis of the data is used.

Allocation of a Half-Daily Period with the Maximal Contribution of a Day Thermal Convection in Summer Rain Genesis in the Volga-Region

Results of definition of half-daily period with the maximal contribution of a day thermal convection in summer rain genesis are considered. This day period is determined for Penza and Saratov areas as 10–22 h. msk. The contribution of day thermal convection in strengthening of rain genesis of these regions is estimated. The diurnal heating of а underlying surface causes increase of the precipitations sum for not less than one third in average. 

Monitoring of Сlimate in Saratov Кegion

In the present article the authors give substantiation of agroclimatic resources and description of such unique climatic phenomena as zoning and seasonality. Monitoring of meteorological elements for the period of 50-70 years forms the essence of characteristics of Saratov region climate, average temperature characteristics have been calculated for the period of more than 100 years.

Climatic Changes in Territory of the Saratov Region and Their Influence on Productivity of Agricultural Crops

Long-term variability of some meteorological parameters in the Saratov region is analyzed in this paper. For the period of observation from 1930 to 2004 at six stations in the Saratov region, linear trends of average, maximal and minimal air temperatures, the sum of atmospheric precipitations for various months and seasons have been gained. These results suggest reduction of continentality of a climate in the region. 

Changes in the Insolation, Caused by the Planetary Perturbations of the Earth’s Orbit and by Variation in the Solar Constant

With the use of modern numerical methods of celestial mechanics, the incoming irradiance flux to the Earth from the Sun has been calculated under the assumption of the invariability of its luminosity through interval of 1700–2000 A.D. Harmonics of the annual period of the Earth as well as harmonics of the synodic period of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and harmonics corresponded to combination frequencies, are clearly visible in the power spectrum of time series of the insolation. The periods of these harmonics are located in the range from 100 days to 15.7 years.

Construction of a Hydrologically-correct Digital Terrain Model (Using the Example of Saratov Region)

The article provides an algorithm for constructing of hydrologically correct digital terrain model. The main thematic terms and definitions are given. The construction of watercourse network on the territory of Saratov region and construction of watershed basins has been carried out by GIS-technologies. An algorithm for constructing flood zones of the territory has been developed to identify the most vulnerable objects.

A Modern Condition and Anthropogenic Effects in the Course of Development of the Polar Landscapes of Russia

The landscapes of polar countries are neither young nor secondary. An external shape and internal composition of polar landscapes are created as a whole by permafrost (continuous, faltering with taliks and island). In some cases, under unfavorable conditions, its own destructive influences on landscapes are strengthened by endodynamic risks (first of all, by seismicity flashes from 1 to 2 points).

Тhе Soils of Settlements in the Limits of the Maklashcheevka City Ii of the Forest-steppe Zone of the Middle Volga Region

The construction of the Volga-Kama cascade of reservoirs in the middle of the 20th century.led to the development of abrasion processes and the disappearance of monuments of archaeological and cultural heritage. So, on the surface of the second terrace above the floodplain p. Kama near the place of its confluence with the river Utka, studied