Geoinformation Systems as the Tool of Creation of Ground Information Systems

The concept of ground-information systems is opened and their structure is considered in article. Communication between geoinformation systems and ground-information systems is proved. Modern directions ground–information systems are resulted within the framework of geoinformation systems.

The Regional Particularities of the Population natural Movement of the saratov Region for the Past 15 Year

The article is about the demographic situation of the Saratov region. The birthrate, the deathrate and the natural increase of the population of the districts, towns and the region in whole are considered, the causes conducive to its and the possible results are analyzed. There are many statistical data of the 1989, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003 years. 

Landscape Areas and Zones in the Works of A.n. Krasnov

The article is focused on the works of one of the most outstanding Russian geobotanics, A.N. Krasnov. A special attention is paid to one of his most interesting ideas concerning the so-called geographical combinations, which influenced dramatically the further development of the studies of geographical landscape and zone. The authors of the article analyze the main works of A.N. Krasnov devoted to the describing and characterization of landscape areas and zones, not only of Russia, but of the entire world.

Studying of Natural and Technogenic Geoecological Risks of the City Saratov

The concept of geoecological risk, its kinds is considered in article. The characteristic of natural-technogenic processes and display of factors of natural and technogenic risks is resulted. The opportunity of division into districts of territory of city on degree of display of risk is proved in article. 

Change of Ethnic Composition of the Population of the Region, and tolerance of the students of the saratov state University

In the article change of the ethnic composition of the popularity of the Saratov region at the period from 1989 to 2002 are considering. The author shows as the role of the ethnic migration in given changes. In the region a number of people from the Caucasuc and Central Asia are growing. It is revealed, that: students are rather tolerant to emigrants; they are worried about the competition for job vacancy; conflict at the cultural ground is possible; they worried about demographical situation in the Russian Federation and its emigration policy. 

To the Question of Long-range Forecast of Weather Elements Development During a Month

The work presents the results of the elaborating of the regional system of long-range forecast of the weather character’s changing during a month, exactly on the days with sudden changes of average day-night air temperature and precipitation with the concretization of the falling date for the Saratov region. The sort of forecasting production and justification of the given way of the long-range forecast of weather elements’ development during a month are thoroughly shown. 

Dangerous Processes of Modern Geomorphogenesis in saratov Volga Region

The more dangerous processes of modern geomorphogenesis of the territory of Saratov Volga region have been considered: linear erosion, plane wash-away, deflusion, landslide and reforming of Volgograd and Saratov coast reservoirs. 

Experience of an Aesthetic Estimation of saratov’s Relief Allure

This article is devoted to problems of modern techniques of aesthetic landscapes objective appraisal. Such experience is shown according to example of Saratov. The base for an estimation are concepts «a morphological landscape» and «a morphological scenery».  

Dinamic of the snow Cover and soil Frozening in Condichions of Modern Climate Chahge at saratov as Example

On the base of daily data the dinamic of snow cover height and soil frozening depth on meteorological station Saratov Yu V for 1976–2005 period was examined. The calculated trends equations make it clear that height of snow cover and depth of soil frozening are going down. Also, the dates of snow cover formation and coming off are displaced to more earlier dates, and the beginning of soil frozening – to more late period of time. 

Use of Business Games in training of teachers of Geography

In this article the author’s three-year experience of carrying out business games applied in training of students of geographical department for extracurricular work on geography is summarized. The objectives and basic stages of carrying out business games are stated. Short methodological recommendations are given to each stage. The results of the carried out work are reviewed.