Agricultural and Meteorological Conditions of Spring Wheat Productivity Formation in Ontogenesis Interphase Periods

Daily meteorological data analysis for a 34year period revealed some general rules of temperature and humidity conditions during the main phases of spring wheat development in Saratov Region. The correlation dependence between the crop capacity and vegetation period duration was found. The researches improve the possibility of resources conservation in this region.

History of Studying of Water-Meadow Landscapes of the Volga River in Saratov Area

Article is devoted to a history of studying of water-meadow landscapes of the Volga river in Saratov area. Various stages in research of the river are viewed here. There is made an attempt of selection of the information, touching a problem from the landscape-ecological point of view. The main attention in the article is given to applied researches, the character of their realization, purposes of scientists who were engaged in studying of the Volga during different years.

Peculiarities of Precipitation at Various Changes of Average Daily Air Temperature

The question of connection between various of intensity sudden changes of average daily air temperature and precipitation is considered. It is supposed to use the found dependence for specification of forecasts of average daily air temperature within a month for the territory of Saratov region.

Experience of Creating GIS System at Geographical Faculty of the Saratov State University

There are many years results working of creating multi-thematic and task-level geoinformatical system (GIS) in this article. GIS were created in researchable laboratories of urboecology and regional analysis, geoinformatics and thematic mapping of geographical faculty of the Saratov State University. Structure and subjects of integrated municipal GIS, specify urbanecologycal GIS and special national park management GIS are carefully studied.

Environmental Disturbance of Ground Water Natural Circulation Mode

Based on multi-year data about the changes in the ground water level a statistical criterion for the variability of ground water natural circulation mode in the urban lands in offered in this article. It is expedient to use the suggested value of environmental disturbance for making an inundation map of level environmental disturbance when simulating the land potential ground water inundation (waterlog).

Changes in the Insolation, caused by the Moon

The power spectrum of time series of the incoming to the Earth irradiance flux of the Sun under the assumption of the invariability of its luminosity in the time interval from 1700 through 2000 is analyzed in the region of frequencies, connected with the motion of the Moon. In the power spectrum of insolation, together with the basic peak with the period of synodic month 29d .53, are manifested also the peaks corresponding to the combination frequencies of this month with the harmonics of the annual period of the Earth.

Geoinformation Systems as the Tool of Creation of Ground Information Systems

The concept of ground-information systems is opened and their structure is considered in article. Communication between geoinformation systems and ground-information systems is proved. Modern directions ground–information systems are resulted within the framework of geoinformation systems.

The Regional Particularities of the Population natural Movement of the saratov Region for the Past 15 Year

The article is about the demographic situation of the Saratov region. The birthrate, the deathrate and the natural increase of the population of the districts, towns and the region in whole are considered, the causes conducive to its and the possible results are analyzed. There are many statistical data of the 1989, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003 years. 

Landscape Areas and Zones in the Works of A.n. Krasnov

The article is focused on the works of one of the most outstanding Russian geobotanics, A.N. Krasnov. A special attention is paid to one of his most interesting ideas concerning the so-called geographical combinations, which influenced dramatically the further development of the studies of geographical landscape and zone. The authors of the article analyze the main works of A.N. Krasnov devoted to the describing and characterization of landscape areas and zones, not only of Russia, but of the entire world.

Studying of Natural and Technogenic Geoecological Risks of the City Saratov

The concept of geoecological risk, its kinds is considered in article. The characteristic of natural-technogenic processes and display of factors of natural and technogenic risks is resulted. The opportunity of division into districts of territory of city on degree of display of risk is proved in article.