Educational-local History electronic Atlas of Saratov Region: Making foundations and Methods

Society development is closely related to collecting of geographicallydistributed information, where the main accumulation and storage role plays atlases, and electronic atlases. The article represents work periods succession of projecting and making of Saratov region educational- local history electronic atlas. Also some aspects of atlas making methodology are disclosed. 

The Analysis and Estimation of Impurity of River Water and Ground Adjournment of the River of Bolshoy Irgiz by Manganese Connections

In article on the basis of field researches August, 2009. The problem of pollution by manganese of waters of the Bolshoy Irgiz river in the Saratov and Samara areas, and also on a water fence of Pugachev is considered. Results of chemical-analytical works about quality of river water in a channel, flood-plain lakes, ponds and water basins of Bolshoy Irgiza, and also on a city water fence and water supply systems are resulted.

Limit Development Factors of Agriculture within semi-arid Saratov Priuzenie

The article considers climatic and soil factors, that limit adoption of plant-breeding within the north semidesert. Analysis of long-term observations data in Aleksandrov Guy weather station, thematic maps (soil and landscape maps), space images and field research materials were made for this work. As the result of performed work, authors made the list of agricultural crops that could be recommended for cultivation in semi-arid term of Saratov Zavolzhie. 

Model of the Geoecological Assessment of a Territory

In this article the method of creation a cartographic model of the geoecological situation of a territory is considered. The description of maps creation and their purpose is given. The necessity of relief using as the object of mapping in the creating a geoecological map is justified. 

Conditions of аutumn Vegetation and Wintering of Winter Crops in Saratov Region

The analysis of meteorological data obtained daily for 67 years was made to select the criteria for evaluation of hardiness and wintering of winter crops. The highest repetition frequency of disadvantageous winters was observed in 1960-s. The increase of temperature and precipitation during the winter in the past thirty years has created advantageous conditions for cultivation of winter crops in Saratov Region. 

Regionalization of Saratov Region commercial Oil Production Region according the Territory resistance of Oil Pollution with GIS Supporting

The regionalization of Saratov region commercial oil production region supporting with GIS is made possible to mark out (within the research region) several areas with different resistance to oil pollution subject to area types and native zones. 

Structure and Dynamics of Saratov City Geochemical Fields

This article represents structure and dynamics of anthropogenic geochemical anomalies halos within Saratov city territory as a result of the last 15th years research. 

Concerning the Peculiarities in Determination of Daily Averaged Albedo in High Latitudes

The paper is continuation of a work, published earlier and gives the details of the method of determination of daily averaged albedo values in high and nearpolar latitudes. The examples of calculations are given. 

Albedo, Absorbed Solar Radiation and Outgoing Longwave Radiation Derived from Data of NASA Atlases

The results of investigation of main Earth radiation budget (ERB) components derived from the measurement on the Nimbus-6 and Nimbus-7 satellites and published in four NASA atlases are given. The data of latitudinal albedo distribution are described. The methodic for receiving of global and hemisphere values of albedo is proposed. It is showed that global averaged albedo values from Nimbus-6 satellite are less than from Nimbus-7 at 5 albedo units (0,28 and 0,33 correspondingly). The annual variations of global and hemispherical albedo values are discussed.

Geomodeling of River Basin Based of the Space Data SRTM (as Example of Tereshka River)

This article is devoted to questions of digital modeling of river basin area. The basin of the Tereshka River appears as the research object. The author results detailed algorithm of river basin geomodeling by using of computer software (ArcGIS, ESRI) on the basis of the space data (SRTM). Characterizing relief and water flow models are created. As a result watersheds and stream network are delineated.