Structure and Dynamics of Saratov City Geochemical Fields

This article represents structure and dynamics of anthropogenic geochemical anomalies halos within Saratov city territory as a result of the last 15th years research. 

Concerning the Peculiarities in Determination of Daily Averaged Albedo in High Latitudes

The paper is continuation of a work, published earlier and gives the details of the method of determination of daily averaged albedo values in high and nearpolar latitudes. The examples of calculations are given. 

Albedo, Absorbed Solar Radiation and Outgoing Longwave Radiation Derived from Data of NASA Atlases

The results of investigation of main Earth radiation budget (ERB) components derived from the measurement on the Nimbus-6 and Nimbus-7 satellites and published in four NASA atlases are given. The data of latitudinal albedo distribution are described. The methodic for receiving of global and hemisphere values of albedo is proposed. It is showed that global averaged albedo values from Nimbus-6 satellite are less than from Nimbus-7 at 5 albedo units (0,28 and 0,33 correspondingly). The annual variations of global and hemispherical albedo values are discussed.

Geomodeling of River Basin Based of the Space Data SRTM (as Example of Tereshka River)

This article is devoted to questions of digital modeling of river basin area. The basin of the Tereshka River appears as the research object. The author results detailed algorithm of river basin geomodeling by using of computer software (ArcGIS, ESRI) on the basis of the space data (SRTM). Characterizing relief and water flow models are created. As a result watersheds and stream network are delineated.

Fire situation Modeling within Oil-Gathering Stations Using Geoinformation Technologies

This article is represented cartographical-mathematical models of oil-gathering stations’ fire risk factors for population and surrounding area. Based on geomodeling are created models of oil outflow, explosive concentration in the time of oil evaporation, models of overpressure risk areas’ radius, thermal radiation risk area modeling in time of oil fire. 

Unique Steppe Natural Complexes of the Left Bank Volga River in Saratov Region

According to field researches of the Left bank Volga river in Saratov region in article are shortly presented descriptions of two steppe sites which are unique for this strongly agriculturally transformed territory. The inference are made about necessity of special researches around there, because it is the most perspective for search steppe protected areas. 

Possibility of Buing of Food-Stuffs in Regions of Privolzskiy Federal Areal

Possibility of buing of food-stuffs in Regions of Privolzskiy Federal Areal. The position of Saratov region among the other areas of Privolshsky region concerning the food consumption is shown in the article. This position is the most important index of food safety level. In the article the salary is represented as en element buing of food-stuffs and buyer ability. 

Problems of Modern Land Use on an Example of a Semi-Arid Zone on the Left Bank of Volga River in Saratov Region

Chair of physical geography and landscape ecology, geographical faculty Article reveals on an example of farms in Aleksandrovo-Gajski and Novouzenski areas of the Saratov region how active anthropogenic intervention in natural structure and functioning of ecological systems in arid agricultural territories leads to considerable disbalance in ecosystems. Authors show that the dominating position on power of the negative influence on environment is occupied by industrial-economic system presented first of all agrarian subsystem based on renewable resources.

Periodical Changes in the Atmospheric Pressure, Caused by the Influence of the Space Factors

We carried out the analysis of the power spectrum of the time series of the daily values of the atmospheric pressure measured in high-level Alpine station Jungfraujoch in the time interval from 1968 through 1992.

Lysogorsky Plateau as Local Model of Landscapes of Southern Forest-Steppe of the Saratov Region

The question is problem of the structurally-dynamical school in landscape science. The estimation of region landscape structure is resulted on the example of the forest area in natural park «Kumysnaya polyana» by means of geophysical and biogeophysical indicators. The Lysogorsky plateau near Saratov-city is considered as a small local landscape model of southern forest-steppe of the Saratov region.