The Steppe Area of Russia: Economic and Geographical Survey

The article highlighted the steppe zone of Russia as a single region. The characteristics of the development of history, territory, population, economy, transport and the level of exploration.

Socioeconomics: Problems of Regional Development

The article describes socioeconomics issues at the regional level and the municipal districts of the Saratov region. Heterogeneity of social and territorial aspects of socioeconomics leads to different reproduction indicators.

Growth Points and Development Nodes of Saratov Region

The categories of growth and development are being considered for transformation of the Saratov region’s economy during the last years. The assess of investment projects from the standpoint of quality of economic transformations has given, and also the spatial pattern of development of the region has shown. 

The Isolation and Mapping of Ecotones in the Urban Environment

The article presents some aspects of the problem of isolation and mapping of urban ecotones. The study of transition zones is necessary not only to determine the boundaries of natural and man-made systems, but also to determine the internal structure and mechanisms of functioning of ecotones. One of the main difficulties mapping ehkotonnyh bands, is the lack of a common classification in step significantly complicates mapping.

The Possibility of GIS Technologies using for internal University educational Risk Overcoming (with Geography Faculty of Saratov State University as an Example)

The article presents the experience of overcoming of one of the most domestic internal educational risk – the risk of the number of entrants incompetence. Considered the possibility of GIS technologies introducing in the analysis of spatial distribution, quantity and quality of potential applicants with inspection board of geography faculty of Saratov State University as an example.

Changes in the Ethnic Heterogeneity of the Volga Federal District

The article discusses changes in the ethnic diversity of regions of the Volga Federal District for the period of 1989–2010. The most and least ethnically heterogeneous regions are revealed. There is a growing heterogeneity in some regions. The article describes settlement of Russians throughout the subjects of the Volga Federal District. The changes in the urbanization of ethnic groups are shown.

The Calculations of the Indices of Continentality of Climate for the Middle and Lower Volga Region

In the article was calculated the annual amplitude in air temperature for 12 stations the Middle Volga Region and the Lower Volga region for to assess the continentality of the region and defined indices of continentality of the climate in five formulas of different authors. The calculation allows to select Zavolzhsky districts of the Saratov and Volgograd regions in region with the most favorable conditions for the cultivation wheat of high-protein.

To the Issue of Systematization and Designing Areal Anamorphic Geoimages

The article presents an overview of the currently existing algorithms of various kinds’ areal anamorphosis creation. The authors reveal anamorphosis main features and provide graphical support of modeling results.

Analysis of Characteristics and Classification of Devasted Lands of Saratov

In this article the author gives the analysis of the characteristics of devasted lands on the base of the field route research of Saratov’s territory. The types of devasted lands were discovered, their short description was composed, the area of each territory’s type was counted. The principal districts of the concentrationof the devasted lands are given, the specificity of their morphogenetic types, are examined.

Characterization of the Natural-administrative Zoning of the Orenburg Region

The article discusses the natural-administrative zoning of the Orenburg region, a brief physico-geographical and socio-economic characteristics of the 6 zones. By using a map method compare natural-administrative zoning, with administrative-territorial division and physical-geographical zoning and agricultural zoning of the Orenburg region.