Problems of Modern Land Use on an Example of a Semi-Arid Zone on the Left Bank of Volga River in Saratov Region

Chair of physical geography and landscape ecology, geographical faculty Article reveals on an example of farms in Aleksandrovo-Gajski and Novouzenski areas of the Saratov region how active anthropogenic intervention in natural structure and functioning of ecological systems in arid agricultural territories leads to considerable disbalance in ecosystems. Authors show that the dominating position on power of the negative influence on environment is occupied by industrial-economic system presented first of all agrarian subsystem based on renewable resources.

Periodical Changes in the Atmospheric Pressure, Caused by the Influence of the Space Factors

We carried out the analysis of the power spectrum of the time series of the daily values of the atmospheric pressure measured in high-level Alpine station Jungfraujoch in the time interval from 1968 through 1992.

Lysogorsky Plateau as Local Model of Landscapes of Southern Forest-Steppe of the Saratov Region

The question is problem of the structurally-dynamical school in landscape science. The estimation of region landscape structure is resulted on the example of the forest area in natural park «Kumysnaya polyana» by means of geophysical and biogeophysical indicators. The Lysogorsky plateau near Saratov-city is considered as a small local landscape model of southern forest-steppe of the Saratov region.

Ability of Atmosphere in Self-Purification in Various Districts of the Saratov Region

​In the article results of research concerning ability of atmosphere in self-purification in Saratov and the Saratov region are presented. Dynamics of the atmospheric self-purification coefficient in various areas of the Saratov region is analysed during warm and cold seasons for the long-term period and from 2000 to 2004. The formula of the atmospheric self-purification coefficient’s calculation is improved according to regional climate conditions. Maps of spatial differences in atmospheric ability for self-purification on the territory of Saratov are constructed.

Periodical Changes in the Surface air Temperature, Caused by the Influence of the Space Factors

We carried out the analysis of the power spectrum of the time series of the daily mean values of the surface air temperature in Saratov city (Russia) in the time interval from 1945 through 1999. In the power spectrum are discovered two tidal harmonics, the harmonic with the period of synodic month, connected with a change in the insolation during the motion of system the Earth – Moon around the common center of masses, and also harmonic, which corresponds to the average period of rotation of the active regions of the Sun.

A Description of Meteosynoptic Conditions of the Precipitating Mesoscale Cloudy Zones and Bands Development in Volga Region

In the article some results of complex researches of precipitating mesoscale cloudness on Penza experimental meteorological range are resulted. On the data of special radar and meteorological observations the conditions of formation and development of 12 mesоscale cloudy zones and 14 of cloud-bands are analysed in air mass synoptic situations. Is shown, that these cloudy formations can develop with adverse for realization deep convection thermal conditions. In this case their development can be caused by presence of some dynamic factors.

Structural Characterization of Saratov’s Region Citizens (Ethnical Aspect)

The changes in demographic structure of Saratov’s region citizens (particularly the population of big cities) from 1989 to 2006 y. were examined in the article. Socio-economic characterization of region’s citizens was given by such indexes as: education, paycheque, work status and kinds of economic activity. In the article census information (2002 y.) was used. Ethnical aspect was also examined.

Agricultural and Meteorological Conditions of Spring Wheat Productivity Formation in Ontogenesis Interphase Periods

Daily meteorological data analysis for a 34year period revealed some general rules of temperature and humidity conditions during the main phases of spring wheat development in Saratov Region. The correlation dependence between the crop capacity and vegetation period duration was found. The researches improve the possibility of resources conservation in this region.

History of Studying of Water-Meadow Landscapes of the Volga River in Saratov Area

Article is devoted to a history of studying of water-meadow landscapes of the Volga river in Saratov area. Various stages in research of the river are viewed here. There is made an attempt of selection of the information, touching a problem from the landscape-ecological point of view. The main attention in the article is given to applied researches, the character of their realization, purposes of scientists who were engaged in studying of the Volga during different years.

Peculiarities of Precipitation at Various Changes of Average Daily Air Temperature

The question of connection between various of intensity sudden changes of average daily air temperature and precipitation is considered. It is supposed to use the found dependence for specification of forecasts of average daily air temperature within a month for the territory of Saratov region.