The Content of Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in Soils in the Territory of the Recreation Zone «Victory Park» (Saratov)

The soil cover in the territory of the large recreational zone «Victory Park», which performs environmental, memorial and educational functions, was studied. According to the analysis results of mobile forms of heavy metals concentrations the assessment of the current sanitaryhygienic and ecologic-geochemical condition of soils was carried out. An excess of the maximum permissible concentrations in most of the samples for nickel, lead, and copper was found.

Evaluating the Degree of Favourable Overwintering of Winter Crops on the Territory of the Saratov Region

The article presents the agroclimatic characteristic of the winter season on daily meteorological weather data for 1941–2019 at the Saratov South-East (SE) station. The agroclimatic characteristic of the winter season at the stations of the Saratov region (Khvalynsk, Balashov, Ershov, Alexandrov Gai) is presented for the last 10 years. The point rating of the degree of favorable overwintering of winter crops was carried out at the Saratov SE station for 1962–2019.

Pollution of the Territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park by Emissions from Forest Fires

The aim of the work is to assess the contribution of emissions from forest fires to air pollution using the example of the territory of the Pribaikalsky National park. To achieve this goal, calculations of gross emissions were carried out based on forestry data on fires. With the help of the program complex «Ecologist» calculations of concentrations of impurities emitted into the atmosphere during forest fires were carried out. Based on the results of the calculations, maps of the concentrations of pollutants released into the atmosphere from fires were created.

Features of the Transboundary Rivers of Central Asia (on the Example of Kyrgyzstan)

The article describes the current situation of water resources in Central Asia (on the example of Kyrgyzstan) which recently caused a number of national and international meetings, consultations, and conflicts. The issue becomes even more acute when they are of a transboundary nature. In this regard, it is necessary to implement an integrated approach in the management of water and energy resources of transboundary rivers.

Estimation of Impulse Response of Earth’s Climate System at Century Time Interval

The Earth’s climate system (ECS) is considered as a linear system whose input is the change in the solar constant, and whose output is the global mean near-surface temperature anomaly. As a result of the restoration of the impulse response at century time interval using reconstructed data on the solar constant and global temperature it was shown that its time constant is 32 ± 14 years. The sensitivity of the ECS to radiative forcing is 1.31 ± 0.63 K·W-1·m2, and the positive feedback coefficient is 4.4 ± 2.1.

The Development of an Algorithm for Constructing the Flood Zones Using Geoinformation Technologies (on the Example of the Medveditsa River Section Near Petrovsk)

The article discusses aspects of developing an algorithm for flood zones modeling using modern geographic information technologies in the area of the river near the town Petrovsk. The integrated approach to the flood zones modeling of different hydrological magnitude is considered. As a result of the developed algorithm application, flood risk areas with different probabilities (1, 5, 25 and 50%) with an indication of the depth of flooding are identified.

Demographic Aging of the Rural Population of Saratov Region

The rural population of Saratov region is rapidly declining. This is due to the negative natural growth, and a significant migratory outflow. These factors lead to population aging. The proportion of people over 60 in the entire population of rural areas is growing. The demographic burden on the working-age population is increasing, and the aging index is increasing. The aging of population is largely due to a significant migration outflow of young people from the region. This is a specificity of the region.

The Selection of the Optimal Detection Method for Agricultural Crops by Satellite Images of High Resolution (the Saratov Volga Region as an Example)

The article provides finding the optimal method for crop detection by high resolution satellite imagery (using the Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 shooting systems as an example), examines the advantages and disadvantages of existing algorithms and recording systems and selects the optimal method. The result of the study is the application of the optimal algorithm for crop detection and its verification on arable lands of the Saratov Volga region.

Territorial Organisation of Social Services of the Elderly Population of the Baikal Region

The article provides a comprehensive assessment of the location of social services facilities in the context of municipal regions of the Baikal region. Based on the results obtained, a grouping of territories was compiled according to the degree of provision with complex centers, boarding houses and home-based services. It was revealed that the main factors in the organization of social infrastructure facilities are the geographical location, the high concentration of the population in the main resettlement zone and the high level of urbanization.

Semi-Empirical Method for Determination of Air Relative Humidity on Results of Sun-Photometric Measurements of Precipitated Water Vapors

The paper is devoted to suggested semi-empirical method for determination of air relative humidity based on results of measurements of precipitated water vapors using sun photometers. The analysis of known Butler method make it possible to predict the presence of extremes in functional dependence of precipitated water vapors on relative humidity on the earth surface.