Equivalent Geoelectric Sections in the Transient Electromagnetic Method

A criterion for the equivalence of geoelectric sections in the transient electromagnetic method is formulated. It is shown that the equivalence of geoelectric sections is closely related to the simplification of multilayer conductive geoelectric media by replacing them with a small number of macroanisotropic conductive layers. An algorithm for constructing equivalent sections is proposed. Various examples of equivalent sections for various models of multilayer horizontally layered conducting media are given.

The Relation between the Stages of Organic Matter Transformation in Coals and Mineral Components of Inter-Coalarkosesandstones (an the Example of Lena and Irkutsk Basins)

The research has first revealed the direct relation between the secondary changes in the coalinclosing rocks and the metamorphosis degrees of the coals themselves. Geochemical balance has been proved to develop within the “coal organic matter – sandstone mineral matter” system in tectonic environments providing combination of low-temperature propylitization in arkose sandstones and caustobiolith coalification ranks of G and F.

Reliability Increase in Oil and Gas Perspective Objects Forecast on the Basis of Polarizing Filtration

This article focuses on the problem of improving seismic data reliability of seismic data during oil and gas exploration. As one of the most effective ways to solve this problem, the authors consider the application of polarization filtering. For its practical implementation it is offered to use new adaptive technology. It is characterized by high technological effectiveness, advanced capabilities to allow peculiarities of reflectors polarization and interference waves in specific seismogeological conditions.

Ichthyofauna from the Key Sections of the Middle and Upper Permian of Eastern Europe. Complexes and Zonal Scale. Paper 2: Basin of the Volga and the Ural Rivers

Material on ichthyofauna from the Middle and Upper Permian of Eastern Europe was revised. New fish taxa from the Permian key sections of the basin of the Volga and the Ural Rivers significantly expanded composition of the complexes. the stratigraphic and geographical distribution of fish has been traced. A more precise zonal scale of the Middle and Upper Permian of the Eastern Europe based on ichthyofauna has been proposed. 

The Quality of Surface Flow from the Territory of the Town of Volsk

The quality of surface flow coming from the territory of the town of Volsk to the Volgograd reservoir is investigated. The analysis of water samples during the spring runoff maximum and summer-autumn runoff minimum showed increased concentrations of all determined indicators relative to fishery standards. In order to protect the Volgograd reservoir from pollution and to comply with town-planning and environmental regulations, it is necessary to implement a set of measures to clean domestic and surface effluents. 

Lithological and Petrophysical Modeling of Oil and Gas Reservoirs of Terigenic Deposits (on the Example of the Severo-Limanskoye oil Field)

In this article, a lithologic-petrophysical model of oil and gas bearing terigenic reservoirs of the Severo-Limanskoye oil field has been considered. Geological and geophysical characteristics of terigenic reservoirs have been determined. Lithologic-petrophysical models of reservoir of the Tula-Bobrikov sediments and the Alexin sediments of the Severo-Limanskoye oil field have been compiled. The regularity of the change in reservoir properties (porosity, effective thickness of beds) vertically and laterally in the reservoirs has been traced.

The Content of Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in the Soils of the Botanical Garden of Saratov State University

The soil cover in the territory of the specially protected natural area «Botanical Garden of Saratov State University» is investigated. Based on the analysis of the concentration of mobile forms of heavy metals, the assessment of the current sanitary-hygienic and ecological-geochemical state of soils has been carried out. The excess of the maximum allowable concentration for nickel, copper and zinc has been established. 

New Paleontological and Stratigraphic Data on the Ryazanian Regiostage in the Oka River Sections (Central Russia)

Based on the study of cephalopods and bivalves, the paleontological characteristics of the Ryazanian (lowermost Lower Cretaceous) sections were supplemented in the stratoregion located in the Oka River Basin near Ryazan, Central Russia. The data obtained are important for the analysis of the stratigraphic position in subboreal sections of taxa known in the Arctic, and the subsequent qualitative development of the zonal level of scales for belemnites and buchias of the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary interval of the Russian Plate.

Contubernium Ochevi (Porifera, Hexactinellida)

Among the Late Cretaceous Ventriculitidae, with the most simply constructed pariform skeleton, representatives characterized by unusual neoplasms were identified. On the paragastric surface after the lapel of these sponges (Contubernium), cone-shaped submodules are regularly based, the appearance of which is associated with incomplete blastogenesis. Paragastra of submodules are not associated with the atrium, therefore, Contubernium is considered as a perifrontal organism, occupying an intermediate position between single and modular forms of spongia.

Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of the Rock Magnetic Data on Maastrichtian of the Bodrak River (SW Crimea)

Measurements of mass magnetic susceptibility of 2 232 samples, collected in Takma and Chakhmakhly sections (SW Crimea, Bodrak river) through every 20 cm of thickness were conducted. The cycles, supposedly corresponding to the periods of long and short eccentricities of Earth orbit and its axis obliquity were detected by Fourier transform and wavelet analysis of obtained data. The average sedimentation rate (11.7 cm/kyr) was calculated.