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Origin of Geoecological Research in Saratov University

Manifestation of natural disasters during growth of cities in the Volga Region revealed amount of geoecological problems in the beginning of the 20th century. Increasing of these problems forced engineeringgeological research with elements of geoecological investigations in the Geological scientific Institute of Saratov University. This work provided a basis for geoecological, urboecological and agroecological research in the University. 

Melovatka suite (senomanian stage of the right bank of the Volga region): new data on stratigraphic position and volume

This paper represents results of the complex research of the Senomanian deposits from right-bank of the Volga region. It is suggested to revise the stratigraphic position and the range of previously established Melovatka suite (1999) (Senomanian stage). It has been revealed that major part of the middle (silt-argillaceous packet) subsuite and the upper (sandy packet) sub-suite are missing from the stratotype section, but determined by the author within the Senomanian stage of the right-bank Volga region.

The Vertical Range of Foraminifera in the Senomanian Deposits of the Right-Bank Volga Region (South of the Penza, Saratov and North of the Volgograd Regions)

The paper represents an analysis of the vertical range of foraminifera in the Albian-Senomanian-Turonian interval from sections of rightbank of the Volga region (the south of the Penza, Saratov and the north of the Volgograd regions). It is suggested to establish two local biozones: Gavelenella cenomanica and Lingulogavelenella globosa within the Melovatkian suite (Senomanian stage).

New View at Field Methods of Precision Graviprospecting Works in the Complex of Geophysical Methods of Investigation

The paper represents materials which evidently show small amplitude faults in the gravitational field, poorly seen in a wave field, and appearance of peak of instability among ∆g curves reflecting features of «thin structure» of the gravitational field which can be considered as objects potentially containing oil and gas. The purpose of this paper is an attraction of attention of users of subsoil resources on necessity to carry out precision gravimetric or even better to do gravimagnetic investigations along seismic profiles using combined scheme. 

Geological Structure and Petroleum Potential of the Svintsovskaya Depression Devonian Deposits in the Saratov Region

Based on geological survey data from previous years, it is safe to say that there is a possibility of oil and gas discovery in the Devonian terrigenous-carbonate deposits, similar to the findings in the regions known as the Ryazano-Saratovsky Basin and the Stepnovskaya Anticline, as well as its adjacent areas. Yet the geological structure and a potential for discovery of recoverable hydrocarbon deposits within the Svintsovskaya Depression are still unclear.

On the Genus Balantionella Schrammen, 1902 (Porifera, Hexactinellida)

The Balantionella genus has been recognized by A. Schrammen (1902) from a single specimen and two skeleton fragments from a locality in the «quadrate» Cretaceous rocks in Germany. In the southeast of the Russian Plate, representatives of the genus have been determined within units from all the stages of the Upper Cretaceous. This has made it possible to provide characteristics and to trace the morphogenetic tendencies in the representatives of the group. Three subgenera and 12 species have been recognized.

Correlation Transformation of Field Vibragram with the Account of Distorces of Phase Spectrum of Swip-signals

The original method of correlative transformation of vibrograms, which takes into account the distortion of reference signals in environment with frequency-dependent attenuation on the energy of elastic vibrations. The experimental material shows that the proposed method of calculating correlograms allows to significantly improve the quality of vibroseis materials. The possibility of calculating the attenuation decrement, which carries a significant amount of additional information on the structure and properties of the geological section, is also discussed.

Prospects of Geological Modeling of Oil and Gas Bearing Reservoirs While Drilling

In this paper, we consider the technology of geological modeling of oil and gas reservoirs, based on the results of interpretation of the mud logging and well logging data. Informative geological and geophysical parameters for distinguishing marking horizons were determined. A technological scheme for opening productive reservoirs is proposed, based on the allocation of reference layers of different levels.

The Content of Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in a Soil Cover of the City Park of Volsk Town

The soil cover in the territory of the recreational zone «City Park» located in the central part of the Volsk town of the Saratov region is investigated. The assessment of a current sanitary and hygienic and ecological and geochemical state of soils is executed by results of the analysis of concentration of mobile forms of heavy metals. Excess of threshold limit values on nickel, copper and zinc is established.

Lithogeochemical Properties оf Terrigenous Rocks of Sortymsky Suite of Pyakyakhinskoye Field (North of Western Siberia)

The article represents lithogeochemical characteristics of rocks of sortymsky suite. It is revealed that the rocks belong to sellitem and the hydrolysates, the values of Sodium Module and Potassium Module indicates on sediments of greywacke containing hydromica, chlorite, plagioclase. Degree the maturity received by a thin pool alumosilicates was moderate (CIA < 70). Sortymsky the basin was characterized by shallow depth with an increase in salinity of the East to the West.