Approaches to Creating an Updated Biostratigraphic Base for Dividing the Callovian from the Volga Region

Current reestimation of the stratigraphic positions of some zonal ammonites has resulted in revision of the sequence of ammonite zones, particularly in the Lower substage, and in more detailed stage division. The work has been mainly finished for Central Russia. But it is still in the initial stage in the Volga Region. New data is presented in the paper. Possibility is discussed of compiling an updated biostratigraphic base for dividing the Callovian not only from ammonites, but from foraminifers, as well. 

The Composition and Paleontologic Characteristics of the Callovian Depositions from the North of the Don-Medveditsa Dislocations

New materials on the lithologic composition, character of the boundaries between the subsuites and paleontologic age determinations are presented. Those were obtained upon stydying the well copes from the North of the Don-Medveditsa Dislocations. The data analysis has allowed to divide the depositions in new place of the Volga Region in subsuites. Those are corresponding to standart ammonite zones and peculiar for foraminifer assemblages of their own. Sandy clays occur in subsuite bottom, the boundaries between subsuites are drawn from paleontologic data in clayey section.

The Upper Cretaceous Inocerams from the Borehole Sections of the Western-Siberian Depression and Some Questions of the Turonian Stage Stratigraphy

This paper deals with research results of the inocerams from the Upper Cretaceous borehole sections of the Western-Siberian depression. The Lower and Upper Turonian inocerams – Inoceramus (Mytiloides) labiatus Schloth., I. (M.) hercynicus Petr., I. cuvieri Sow., I. lamarcki Woods (non Park.) var II Renng., I. cf. schulyinae Efrem. are described and figured. Questions of the Turonian stage stratigraphy and its dismemberment in France, Germany, USA, Canada and the former USSR are discussed.

Application of Geophysical Methods for the Decision of Engineering – Geological Problems at Research Landslip Processes in October Gorge of City of Saratov

In article application of a complex of geophysical methods of researches and the modern equipment for the decision of practical and engineering – geological problems is considered at designing for construction of technological constructions on landslip slopes (sites)

Physico-geological Bases of Forecasting objects, Perspective on oil and Gas by Methods of Prospecting Geophysics and Practice of their Application

Questions on орроrtunities of forecasting of deposits of hydrocarbons with the help of gravimagnetic methods are considered on the basis of multilevel physico-geological models of oil-and-gas deposits. Examples integration geopotential methods are shown at forecasting oil-and-gas objects and an opportunity of use of a correlation technique of division of geophysical anomalies KOMR. 

To Question for Determination Index Effective Fracturing Carbonate Collectors

It is shown that index effective fracturing carbonate collectors can determinant surveys of oil wells. Results of determination index effective fracturing carbonate collectors is shown in table. 

Forecast Oil and Gas Content of Bowels using Methods of Deep Geochemistry

This article gives a brief overview on the possible forecast of oil and gas content on the basis of the studies of DOS (dispersed organic substance) rocks and its catagenetic alteration. On an example of southern part of Buzulukskaya hollow the connection of paleozoic rocks catagenezic with the phase content of hydrocarbons deposits is traced. The original scheme of catagenetic location of the bowels for this territory has been devised on the basis of the usage of the method of calculation of total impulses of heat.

Lithological and Physical Yardsticks on Optimization Technology of Mud Acid Treatments Terrigenous Reservoirs

Results of laboratory and field researches on optimization of realization of mud acid treatments in the wells, opened terrigenous reservoirs at Saratovneftegaz OAO deposits, are submitted. it is shown, that efficiency of mud acid treatments of wells is determined by a degree of conformity of a mode of treatment of a layer with its geologicalphisical characteristic. 

Well Logging Zoning of Saratov Region

In work for needs of the mine geophysics the outline of the Saratov oblast division into district is offered, it is based on the depths of bedding and litological structure of the basic oil and gas complexes, tectonic division into district of the territory, distribution of the saltmeasures and zones of development of the anomaly press, results of the metering of geophysical parameters in the chinks, stratigraphy layings out, data about the designs of the chinks, bed temperatures and pressure, mineralization of the bed of waters.

Сharacteristics of the Lower Cretaceous Local Stratigraphic Units from the North of the Volgograd Region

Detailed sampling of the Lower Cretaceous beds from the wells and outcrops in the north of the Volgograd Region has revealed peculiarities in the material composition alterations along the section at the level of local stratigraphic units. Cyclicity in the Cretaceous bed formation has been established. Analyses of the authors’ own and of the earlier published paleontologic data have made it possible to date the beds relative to the general stratigraphic scale. Sedimentation stages in the Early Cretaceous have been considered for the Volga right bank region in the vicinity of Volgograd.