Medico-geographical analysis of the incidence of colorectal cancer

The article discusses the issues of territorial prevalence of colorectal cancer in Saratov. A statistical analysis of morbidity and an oncogeographical analysis of urban landscape sites were carried out. The study of the regional features of the spread of this pathology, taking into account risk factors, will help in the development of the direction for the active search for patients.

Study of transport infrastructure on the example of assessing the frequency of one of the popular tram routes in Saratov

The paper presents a study of the transport infrastructure of the city with the main focus on public transport, in particular the tram. A sociological study was conducted that revealed the preferences of citizens in choosing the type of public transport, and the frequency of the actual movement and its correspondence with the data of a popular mobile application were also assessed.

Сравнительный медикогеографический анализ распространенности базальноклеточного рака кожи в Саратове

In the article, in a comparative analysis, for the periods from 1991 to 1998, 2015 and 2022, the issues of the territorial prevalence of basal cell skin cancer in Saratov are considered. The residential areas of patients were studied and mapped taking into account risk factors. The result of the study was an oncoecological analysis of urban landscape sites and the creation of a scheme for the active search for early forms of skin cancer.

Cartographic support of tourist activities (map of the weekend route “Saratov in the movie” as an example)

The article provides an overview of the main types and features of cartographic support for the needs of tourists and tourist activities. An example of a modern thematic route is presented, as well as options for the compilation and layout of a tourist booklet. The research is aimed at popularizing regional tourism and attracting the attention of guests and residents of Saratov to non-traditional cultural and educational routes.

The Content of Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in Soils in the Territory of the Recreation Zone «Victory Park» (Saratov)

The soil cover in the territory of the large recreational zone «Victory Park», which performs environmental, memorial and educational functions, was studied. According to the analysis results of mobile forms of heavy metals concentrations the assessment of the current sanitaryhygienic and ecologic-geochemical condition of soils was carried out. An excess of the maximum permissible concentrations in most of the samples for nickel, lead, and copper was found.

The Content of Mobile Forms of Heavy Metals in the Soils of the Botanical Garden of Saratov State University

The soil cover in the territory of the specially protected natural area «Botanical Garden of Saratov State University» is investigated. Based on the analysis of the concentration of mobile forms of heavy metals, the assessment of the current sanitary-hygienic and ecological-geochemical state of soils has been carried out. The excess of the maximum allowable concentration for nickel, copper and zinc has been established. 

Integrated Application of GIS Technology and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Investigation of Landslide Bodies (on the Example of a Landslide in the Oktyabrsky Gorge of the City of Saratov)

Currently the laser scanning method is increasingly used to record the effects of man-made accidents and natural disasters. At the same time, world practice and experience have shown that laser scan data can be used not only to inventory and refine the state of landslide bodies, but also to monitor and predict their development.

Sanitary Condition of the Gully System and the Problem of the Organization of Runoff from the City Territory of Saratov in the Late XIX Century

At the end of the 19th century the urban sanitary commission was created for the solution of problems of improvement in the territory of Saratov. In 1890 this commission made the inspection of Glebuchev ravine as zones of sanitary and ecological trouble. By results of researches health officers prepared the analysis of a condition of the territory and the recommendation on the improvement of Saratov. The expressed opinions differed significantly, and reflected the different views on the mechanism of improvement of the sanitary and hygienic situation.

Condition of a Level of Scrutiny Gulling in Territory of Saratov and Vicinities

On the basis of the analysis of the literature on studying gulling in territory of Saratov and vicinities the basic techniques and results of researches for more than 130-years period, and also directions of modern studying are noted. The modern level of a level of scrutiny gulling territories is certain. 

Periodical Changes in the Surface air Temperature, Caused by the Influence of the Space Factors

We carried out the analysis of the power spectrum of the time series of the daily mean values of the surface air temperature in Saratov city (Russia) in the time interval from 1945 through 1999. In the power spectrum are discovered two tidal harmonics, the harmonic with the period of synodic month, connected with a change in the insolation during the motion of system the Earth – Moon around the common center of masses, and also harmonic, which corresponds to the average period of rotation of the active regions of the Sun.