Demographic development of the Volga-Ural macroregion as a determinant of social development

The formation and development of agglomeration zones in the Volga-Ural macroregion should contribute to the preservation and development of the demographic resource. Economic and social changes during the development of the agglomeration are likely to help the formation of the migration attractiveness of the territory.

Reliability Increase in Oil and Gas Perspective Objects Forecast on the Basis of Polarizing Filtration

This article focuses on the problem of improving seismic data reliability of seismic data during oil and gas exploration. As one of the most effective ways to solve this problem, the authors consider the application of polarization filtering. For its practical implementation it is offered to use new adaptive technology. It is characterized by high technological effectiveness, advanced capabilities to allow peculiarities of reflectors polarization and interference waves in specific seismogeological conditions.

Spatial and Temporal Characteristics Settlement of the Saratov Region: the Problem and the Initial Stage of Formation

The initial period (middle of XVI – late XVIII centuries) of the formation of the demographic and settlement on the territory of modern Saratov region. Territorial expansion of the young Russian centralized state in the Volga region started in the region the process of diffusion material-technical and social innovations, which structured the space, transforming it into the administrative system. Identified spatial and temporal trends, vectors of its development and the factors determining them. The results indicate the cyclic nature of the process of change consists of several stages.