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Lithofacies interpretation at the upper part of the Pokurskaya formation in the Cenomanian succession, the north of the West Siberian Basin

The lithofacies of the Cenomanian succession within a gas field in the north of the West Siberian basin were studied using well log information especially spontaneous potential log to determine the lithostratigraphy, hydrodynamic characteristics, possible reservoir sands and depositional environment of the study area for opportunities that will support the exploration program. Geophysical well logs from six profile wells were used for this study.

Lithological and petrophysical characteristics of the deposits of the Vogulkinskaya strata within the maly Teterevsky shaft (Shaimsky oil and gas region)

Study results of the material composition and conditions of forming P Vogulkinskaya strata of the Tolumskoye field are presented. It is established that the formation of sediments occurred in coastal-marine conditions, in the transgressive stage of the sedimentation basin development. According to the composition of the allotigenic part, the studied sandstones and siltstones correspond to the quartz, grauwack and arkose groups.

Sedimentation Model of the Upper Jurassic Productive Beds from the Southeast of the Yarsomovskij Site

Complex sedimentologic examination of the JV1oil-bearing bed has been made within the southeastern part of the Yarsomovskij site. The Upper Jurassic beds within the study area were found to be represented by coastal-continental and coastal-marine facies.

Terrigenous-mineralogic Characteristics of the Bobrikovskian Horizon from the Saratov Trans-Volga Region: Paleogeographical Aspects

Terrigenous-mineralogic characteristics of the Bobrikovskian horizon within the Saratov Trans-Volga Region is provided in terms of the Berezovskaya group of rises. The quantitative and the qualitative composition changes of the heavy fraction minerals within the section have been determined. The lack of abrupt, intermittent changes of any material composition characteristics testifies to the section relative continuity. Examination of the mineral composition has provided the basis for specifying terrigenous-mineralogic associations in the Bobrikovskian deposits.

Depositional Environment in Bobrikovsky Time within the South-east of the Russian Plate

The main results of lithology and facies investigations of the Bobrikovskian reservoir rocks material are based on processing drilling in recent years. The analysis of the existing ideas about the conditions of formation of the Lower Carboniferous terrigenous beds. It has been established that formation of terrigenous rocks in Bobrikovsky time had occurred in marine environment