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Comparative characteristic of regional seismo-generating structures of the EuropeanAfrican through tectonic belt

Based on new data on seismicity and materials from surveys of active faults, information was obtained on regional seismogenic structures of the European-African through tectonic belt. The kinematic characteristics of the faults that make up the through tectonic belt and earthquakes that occurred within these structures are given. An analysis of gravity anomalies based on satellite data suggests that the seismogenic structures of the European -African through tectonic belt have an ultra-deep penetration into the mantle, which determines their high seismic potential.

On the question of the geological nature of the crystalline basement inhomogeneities of the East European Platform

Based on the analysis of gravitational and magnetic anomalies of the eastern part of the East European Platform, it is concluded that inhomogeneities caused by serpentinization processes are present in the Earth’s crust. This conclusion is confirmed by conducting geological and geophysical studies on reference objects with serpentinite outcrops.

Some regularities of change in density in the lithosphere of Northern Eurasia

A method is proposed for calculating the normal compaction curve of rocks for the deep parts of the lithosphere. It is based on the analysis of petrophysical characteristics and interpretation of gravitational anomalies. The main regularities of density changes in the lithosphere of Northern Eurasia are investigated.