Terminal Permian Ichthyofauna from the Vicinity of Viazniki Town, Vladimir Province

Over the long and varied geological history of the junction zone of the south-east of the Russian Urals Hercynian plate and formed various types geogidrodinamicheskih systems The article analyzes the emerging and transforming paleogidrogeologicheskih environments conducive to the processes of petroleum, oil and gas, and, at certain moments, the destruction of hydrocarbon accumulations. Estimated cumulative effect of these processes

Justification of Prospects Sulfurous Waters in Depleted oil Fields (for Example Chimions Structure)

On the territory of the Republic, in the Ferghana valley are depleted oil fields, where it was noted the manifestation of hydrogen sulfide, thermal waters. Based on materials from oil exploration and individual hands-on mizhplastovi water were established relationship between hydrochemical and geophysical parameters, the unloading area in faults; delineated the most promising areas of accumulation of hydrogen sulfide waters, increased concentration, determined by their place in the structures Chimion-Kashkarkyr

Criteria Affiliation of the Vector Fields to the Set of Electromagnetic Fields

Problem for finding the criteria of belonging the vector fields to the set of electromagnetic fields is formulated. The existence and uniqueness of the solution of this problem are investigated. The desired criteria for the set of alternating electromagnetic fields in the frequency domain in the case of isotropic media are formulated. It is shown that these criteria are shared set of alternating electromagnetic fields in linear isotropic media into two subclasses. Are examples of the fields belonging to these subclasses.

The Assessment of Motor Transport’ Influence on a Condition of Atmospheric air and a Soil Cover in the Territory of the Engels City

The research of motor transport’ influence on a condition of atmospheric air and a solid cover of the Engels city are carried out. motor transport movement on city streets is analysed. concentration of exhaust gases from the motor transport are calculated. Interrelations between quantity of the motor transport, concentration of exhaust gases and pollution of a soil cover are established

Sedimentation Model of the Upper Jurassic Productive Beds from the Southeast of the Yarsomovskij Site

Complex sedimentologic examination of the JV1oil-bearing bed has been made within the southeastern part of the Yarsomovskij site. The Upper Jurassic beds within the study area were found to be represented by coastal-continental and coastal-marine facies.

The Possible Scenario for Climate Change on the Egyptian Nile Delta

It is known that climate change has an effect on many Deltas all over the world. Egyptian Nile Delta, one of the most dangerous places which may be suffered from risks of climate change. In the current work, an attempt to study the effect of climate change on the Nile Delta has been discussed.

Physical and Geological Modeling as a Basis of Geological Interpretation of Geophysical Data Complex

The questions need physical and geological modeling in solving inverse problems of geophysics and the notion of a coherent FGM. The key provisions of the agreed methodology seysmogravimetricheskoy FGM, grounded approach to seysmogravimagnetic modeling and provides examples of its implementation

About the Problems and Value Priorities of Educational Baccalaureate System (with Geophysical Area Programs as an Example)

The vital problems of passage to the two-bin system of formation in the Russian higher school are represented. Is proposed within the framework [bakalavriata] to go away from the traditional physicomathematical orientation of the programs of geophysical direction to the side of geological priorities. Some aspects of the realization of this idea based on the example of the program of the course of geophysics are examined

The Anomalous Crust of the Astrakhan Arch

The anomalous characteristics of the Astrakhan Arch crustal structure were revealed during the seismic data interpretation. They indicate plastic deformations of the lower crust at the sites of its fluidization, manifestation of the waveguide and enhanced permeability zone properties in the upper crust in the ways of the fluid flow. The unique Astrakhan gas condensate field, localized in the carbonate platform of the Middle Carboniferous age at a depth of 4.0 – 4.5 km, was formed in the area of HC-containing deep fluid discharge

Colonial Level of Modular Organization in the Late Cretaceous Hexactinellids (Porifera). Genuine Colonies

Tendencies of morphogenesis in the Late Cretaceous modular forms contributed to formations of complexly structured secondary (genuine) colonies. Skeletons of genuine colonial sponges differ not just in numerous and diversely arranged equivalent oscula-carrying modules, but in the presence of the module connecting elements – junctions, as well. Characteristic elements of genuine colony skeletons – ostia – have been recognized between the modules and the junctions.