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Cartographic Approach to Projecting of Ecological Monitoring Network on the Oil-and-Gas Sector

The construction and operation of industrial objects of oil and gas branch cause negative influence on environment. It could be minimized under condition of a well-organized system of ecological monitoring and acceptances of corresponding preventive works. In a view of optimization and also for increase of efficiency of ecological monitoring there are necessary the well-founded choice of points of prospective works.

The Tendencies of the Modern Territorial Organization of the Rural Population in Saratov Region

In the article we have analyzed resettlement of the rural population, the changes that had occurred in population size in the settlements in question, peculiarity of migration, and the demographic diversity within different regions. Based on the analysis the conclusion can be drown that the system of the rural settlements is a subject of great change. According to the upcoming change the population will be concentrated in big settlements and along the thoroughfares. Rural conglomeration will face a considerable development.

The Influence of Integration Processes at the Territorial Structure of the Chemical Industry of the New Federal States of Germany

The article represents the integration processes, that caused by the unification of Germany and that continues to present days. It is established that the restructuring and privatization have contributed to the restoration and further growth of the chemical industry in new federal lands. Also the contingence of the integration process with a change in the territorial structure of the chemical industry in East Germany and their influence to the creation of the networks (clusters) is indicated in the article

Imitating Modeling of Emergency Situation Risk During Accident on Model Part of Gas Main (with Petrovskiy District of Saratov Region as an Example) with GIS Technologies Application

The article represents risk modeling of emergency situation during accident of model part of Petrovskiy district (Saratov region) gas main with GIS technologies using. Also methods of detonation zones estimation and cloud of dangerously explosive blend spreading estimation during accident gas main depressurization subject to wind direction and speed are represented

Estimation of Parameters of Laws of Change of Average Speed of the Wind with height in the Ground Layer of Atmosphere on South-East Еuropean Part of Russia for the Decision of Problems About Wind Power

Connection is established and the mathematical expressions are received, allowing to estimate parameters of sedate and logarithmic functions of height on value of average speed of a wind at level of 10 m on SOUTH-EAST ЕUROPEAN part of Russia

Climatic Risk in Agricultural Production and Some Ways Their Overcome

This article touches upon daily urgent factfiles during the 30-year period. The author of the article calculates all famous in literature criteria of drought. But no one of them reflects a degree of a strong drought when more than 70% of crop dies. The author introduces first the physiological coefficient of drought

Influence of Extreme Displays of Climatic Changes on Efficiency of Agricultural Crops

Repeatability and dynamics of probability of various type of droughts, and also estimation of their intensity on hydrothermal factor for the 120-year-old period (1891–2010гг is shown.). The agrometeorological characteristic of the most severe droughts is given. Decrease in productivity of grain crops and total gathering of grain in the Saratov area in years with various types of droughts is resulted

Organization of Workstation of Weather Long-Forecaster on Basis Hybrid‑Type DEVICE‑Technologies

In the real article advantages of application of hybrid-type DEVICE are shown in the operative gone into detail long-term prognostication of elements of weather and the key moments of the use are described hybrid-type DEVICE in the working chart of drafting of such prognosis

Landscape Differentiation and Problems of Conservancy Analysis of North Part of Volgograd Storage Pond Islands

Modern landscape differentiation analysis of North part of Volgograd storage‑pond flood‑plainisland geosystems is introduced in the article. Also consequences of regulated Volga River and Volga islands are detected. The article points main types of nature management in the observable part of the river, explores problems of nature preservation and Volga islands Protected areas generation

Valuation Methods of the Forest Pyrology Conditions in Recreational Forests for Recreational and Rest Purposes (on Example of the Nature Park «Kumysnaya Polyana» near Saratov-city)

The matter is the forest pyrology on the recreational area of the nature park «Kumysnaya Polyana» near Saratov city. In the article the estimate criterions for the potential ability to born in the forest are considered

Spatial Structure of the Chemical Industry in North Germany in the Early 21th Century

This article is about modern situation in the spatial structure of the chemical industry in North Germany. It has been established that globalization and integration processes into the world economic system are evident as an enhancement of the interaction between the various elements (enterprises) and subsystems (firms and their associations) of the system “chemical industry”. It is leads to a new form of spatial organization of the chemical industry – local and regional clusters.

Using the Volgograd Reservoir as Recreational Zone within the Saratov Region

The article deals with the study of the component-wise and comprehensively considered climatic and recreational potential of the Volgograd reservoir within the Saratov region. The author uses in its work the analyze of the objective zonal and azonic criteria and communication between major recreational components, as well as climatic and bioclimatic differences in some locations on the waters and shores, representing the scientific basis for climate-recreational zoning of the zone of influence of the Volgograd reservoir

Saratov Air Basin Dusty Rating According to the Direct and Indirect Methods of Research

The article discusses the causes and factors of Saratov air basin dusty. Dust pollution component of urban atmosphere was estimated. The analysis of the content of the dust fraction of urban air urbolandscape localities and types of urbolandscape sites was made based on snow-chemical observations, direct measurements of particulate air pollution on points of continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions, analysis of dust deposition on the trees and woven materials

Research of Influence of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere on Global Climate

In the present article influence of a planetary high-rise frontal zone on variability of global climate is considered. It is revealed the high-rise frontal zone loudspeaker during various natural climatic periods of a condition of the Earth’s climate system and their statistical importance is estimated

Asynchrony Onset of the Phases of Development of Crops for Station Saratov South-east

In article for the 30-year period identified the main phase of development of different groups of crops, examined critical phases of development of each culture and analyzed the relationship of these phases with agro-meteorological conditions. Also highlighted in crops that best use bioclimatic resources of the region

Wind Energy Potential at Different Altitudes of the Surface Atmospheric Layer in the South-east of European Russia

Implemented the original methodology of assessment of the wind energy capacity at different altitudes of the surface layer of the atmosphere from the ground-based data. Maps of geographical distribution of average annual complete the cube of the wind speed in the South-East of European Russia. Analysis of its spatial changes in the region

The Use of Brands of the Territory in the Excursion Activity (on the Example of the Excursion «The Brand Places of Saratov»)

The article is written on the basis of the creation’s and realization’s experience the excursion «The brand places of Saratov». The authors believe that, in virtue of the fact that the brand of the territory helps to attract potential tourists, the development of excursion to the brand places is a necessary step in this direction. The article also provides examples of the successful application of the territory branding, possible Saratov and the region brands are considered there, the themes of excursions offered Saratov tourist companies are analyzed.

Geoecological Situation in Saratov and its Possible Impact on Cancer Incidence Population

The article deals with geoecological situation in Saratov in the first decade of the new century. Also in the article was estimated air pollution in the most dangerous pollutants, particularly affecting on cancer morbidity such as dust of different origin, formaldehyde, benzo (apirenom) phenol. Identification and localization of zones and areas with adverse environmental conditions is necessary for more rigorous, including screening observations on the development of the carcinogenic situation and correcting regional cancer program

Historical and Methodological Aspects of the Application of Landscape-hydrological Analysis in the Study of Geosystems

In this article the analysis, generalization and systematization of materials of hydrological researches of Russian and foreign scientists are carried out to the period since the end of the nineteenth century till the present time. The extent of the investigation of the problem of application of landscape- hydrological analysis in the study of geosystems is revealed; the various approaches and methods are considered

Saratov Predvolzhja Landscape Differentiation from Regional to Local Level

The article is devoted questions of regional and local level geosystems landscape mapping with Saratov region’s right bank as an example. Mapping was organized with GIS technologies using on the basis of topographic and thematic maps and space images decoding