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Climate Changes of the Lower Volga Region on the Background of Global Warming (on the Example of Saratov)

In this article it is shown that on the background of the second wave of the global warming on the territory of Saratov and the region is well noticeable climate change, especially in the multiyear averages, mean monthly temperatures, as well as the duration of the main and the transitional seasons of the year. Noted the contribution of the circulation in the formation of the climatic characteristics of the region

The Development History of the Concept ≪Nature Monument≫ in Germany in the XIX–XX Сentury

There is a history of the term ≪nature monument≫ in the German science and nature conservation practice between the end of XVIII century and 1920th in the article. According to the German scientists going into this question, stages of the concept extension in theory and practice are briefly classified and the first term using cases are described. The main events of nature protection history in Germany and key works are referred. There is an analysis of the nature monuments in German Empire created to the end of the First World War

Modern Methods of Approach and Main Conceptions of Territorial Nature Protection

The article represents complex of modern methods of approach and formed view about territorial nature protection. Topical problems that exist in scientific- methodical and organizational- legal aspects of territorial nature protection are explored. The particular attention is given to research of two key concepts: ≪Protected Areas complex≫ and ≪nature-ecological framework≫. Author explores works cover this subject area, identify content, specificity and interconnection of mentioned conceptions

The South Part of Nature Monument «Zmeevi Mountains»: Problems of Development and Functional Zoning

The article shows problems of large-scale Protected Areas of Saratov region conservation with the example of Zmeevogorskiy degraded mountain. Authors consider existing system of nature management on researched area and nature conservation problems that are related to the system of nature management. As a result of the research, authors suggest the outline of functional zoning of South part of ≪Zmeevi mountains≫ natural monument territory. Also strategical line of development of large regional Protected Areas is shown

Agricultural Nature Management of Semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye: Development History and Modern Structure

The article is devoted to the questions of agricultural nature management that is considered subject to natural-resort potential of semi-desert Saratov Priuzenye landscapes, history of it’s economic reclamation and modern structure of nature management. Materials of different years field research, statistic data, topographic and thematical maps, space images, elements of GIS-technologies are used in the work

Sustainable Development of Municipal Districts: Approaches to Cartographical Assessment

In article considers municipal districts sustainable development problems and also offers set of characteristics for its cartographical assessmentand prediction

Geoecological Risk-Analysis of Protected Areas Network (with Volskiy Municipal District of Saratov Region as an Example)

Possibilities of geoecological risk-analysis methods for Saratov region Protected Areas network are considered. Natural features and geoecological risk factors of Cretaceous slope with calciphilous plants near Volsk city Protected Area are discovered

The Atmosphere Circulation Character in Atlantic- Eurasia Sector of Hemisphere as an Indicator of Climatic Changes of Russian Plane (with Winter as an Example)

In this article considers the nature of the atmospheric circulation in the atlantic-eurasian sector of the hemisphere with the use of multiyear averages maps of the surface of the AT-500 Hpa, corresponding to different periods of state of the climate system (stabilization, the second wave of the global warming). On the basis of the dynamics of change of temperature fields on the average level of the troposphere conclusion is made about the forthcoming changes of winter conditions on the Russian plain

The Impact of Global Warming on Wintering of the Winter Crops

The article is on the daily weather data for the seventy-year period (1941–2010 гг.). The evaluation is given on the winter season according to the rate of the favorable wintering of the winter crops. The analysis showed that the wintering period has shortened over the period of the last three decades and the percentage of loss of winter crops has decreased

Abnormally Cold Winter of 2012 in Saratov as Result of a Blocking Anti-cyclone on European Territory of Russia

Features of origin and evolution of a stationary anti-cyclone which caused cold weather in all European territory of Russia in the winter of 2012 are considered. Abnormal values of temperature and pressure are considered on an example of Saratov

Estimation of Characteristics of the Earth’s Climate System from its Response to Changes in Solar Constant

Restoration of the impulse response of the Earth's climate system (ECS) showed that the rate of its reaction can be characterized by an equivalent time constant of 1.04±0.17 months. Sensitivity of ECS to changes in radiative forcing is equal to 0.41±0.05 K W-1m2, which gives the positive feedback factor 1.37±0.17.

Saratov Privolzhie: Landscape Structure and Modern Geoecological State

The article represents concept definition of “Saratov Privolzhie” as a geotoria 60 km wide and including right and left Volga bank territories and Volgograd and Saratov storage pounds water area. This is the most economic completed but also recreation important part of Saratov region. Landscape structure of Saratov right bank of Privolzhie  (Predvolzhie) is considered up to the level of landscape locality. The most typical landscape processes and qualitative assessment of geoecological conditions in each of all four landscape localities are detected

Features of the Circulation Processes in the Lower Volga Region in Winter

There are considered the basic weather- and climate forcing of synoptic processes in the Lower Volga region. Below shows the dynamics of their changes on a background of global climate trends. It is shown that the cold temperature of the winter months is formed under the influence of the arctic anticyclone. Of the cyclones on the arctic front and of the cyclones on the polar front are formed warmer winter weather conditions

Spatial and Temporal Organization of Relief and of a Relief Forming Processes Around the City of Saratov

Unique features of relief of the territory of Saratov are considered in this article. The characteristic of the spatial connection of identified system of block morphostructures is given. The assumptions about the main relief forming factors are made, assessments of the development intensity of geologo‑geomorphological processes and connection of natural‑technogenic phenomena with them is given

Landscape Structure Transformation of Volga flood Plain at Saratov Area

Structure of Volga flood plain landscape at Saratov area before Volgograd storage pound building is defined in the article. Changes in flood plain geosystems after regulated river are considered, directions of modern landscape generating processes against the background of large-scale anthropogenic transformation are detected

Impact Agrometeorological Factors on the Formation of Productivity and Quality Early Grain and Winter Crops for Stations on the Saratov Region

The forecast of the spring wheat quality is represented in this work summer wheat, barley, oat and winter wheat. The forecast is composed on the grounds of correlation of the amount of protein in cereal with monthly air temperature in June. The education derived by the authors lets to estimate the cereals quality in monthly advance. The forecast of the new harvest cereal composed in advance has an important meaning in organisation of cereal provision

Climatic‑Information Technology of Wind‑Energetic Tasks Solving

Theoretic basis of all-purposes climatic-information technology estimation of potential and utilize wind-energetic resources and windenergetic plant service conditions are developed. Acceptable error of wind-energetic characteristics spatial renewal, wide range of facilities, usability and other qualities of this technology are conclusive proof for its application in stage of preproject development

Dynamic of Snow-Geochemical Anomalies in the Saratov City Territory (over a Period of 1992–2010)

The article shows results of snow-geochemical survey in Saratov city territory in 1992, 1994, 1997 and at the beginning of 2000th, that was made by the staff of geographical and geological faculties of Saratov State University. The research revealed essential area decrease of snow cover pollution of industrial emission at the beginning of 2000th   as compared with 1990th. Abrupt snow pollution increase along the transport mains and around the large working enterprises

Estimation of Atmospheric Parameters and their Effects on Aircraft Flight using GIS-T echnology

At echelons of airplane lying in the upper troposphere and low stratosphere, air temperature varies sharply, which affects the speed of airplane, fuel consumption and height of the airplane ceiling. The paper presents calculations of these characteristics of the aircraft depending on the temperature on the routes crossing of cyclones and anticyclones

Gumanitarian Geographical Researches in the saratov Region

In article experience of the gumanitarian geographical researches spent during projects on cultural designing of territories of local and regional scale is shined. The original technique of field studying of the historical environment is resulted, application of GIS-technologies in modeling of a cultural-symbolical landscape is considered